Yale Vietnamese Studies Group
Graduate Student Moderators:
Justin Barr and Anne Nguyen
Undergraduate Student Moderator: Vy Tran
Faculty Advisors:

Erik L. Harms
and Quang Phu Van

September 28
Roundtable Discussion - summer research projects

October 12
Helen Pho, Yale University
"The Lingering War at Home: The Vietnamese Refugee Crisis in American Culture"

November 2
David Biggs, Assistant Professor of History, U.C. Riverside
"Militarization and the Environment"
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November 9
Susan Bayly (@ Religion and Politics Workshop, sponsored by the Initiative on Religion and
Politics at Yale

"Personifying the Spirits of Modernity: Perspectives from Vietnam"

November 9
DON'T BURN IT, IT'S ALREADY ON FIRE" - Film Screening and Discussion with Director,
Danh Nhat Minh
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November 11
Jill Hunting, author and radio essayist
"Finding Pete: Rediscovering the Brother I Lost in Vietnam"

November 18
Organized by Erik Harms and Quang Phu Van, Yale University and Ngo Vinh Long, University of Maine
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January 13
Richard Richie, Curator, Southeast Asia Collection, Yale University
Review of the Collection, Sterling Memorial Library

January 27
Quang Phu Van, Vietnamese Studies, Yale University
"In Search for Meaning: Skepticism and Despair in Hai Thuong Lan Ong's Thuong Kinh Ky Su (Journey to the Capital-A Memoir)"

February 10
Haydon Cherry, Department of History, Yale University
"A Holy Childhood: An Orphan's Story"
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February 14
Featuring the YALE LION DANCE TROUPE, Dragon Dance and other entertainments

February 24
Justin Barr, History of Medicine, Yale University
"The Development of Dapsone as an Anti-Malarial in the Vietnam War"

March 3
Julie Pham, Managing Editor, Nguoi Viet Tay Bac / Northwest Vietnamese News
"Intercultural Communication and Community Building from the Ethnic Media Perspective (focusing on overseas Vietnamese media). Co-sponsor: Yale Poynter Fellowship

March 24
Morgan Regan, Plastic Surgery Department, Yale Medical School
on the Changing Children's Lives Mission in Nha Trang

April 7
Michelle Thompson, Department of History, Southern Connecticut University
"The Saola Object of a Local, national, and International Tug-of-War"
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April 12
Ezra Stiles Masters Tea with Marialm Beevi Lam, UC Riverside
"Understanding the Vietnamese Diaspora"
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April 21
Allen Tran, UC-San Diego
"Sentiments and Subsidies"