Yale Vietnamese Studies Group
2007-2008 Events
Graduate Moderator: Charles Keith
Faculty Advisor: Quang Phu Van

September 25
Haydon Cherry
History, Yale University
"Down and Out in Saigon: The Perils and Pitfalls of Studying the Poor in Colonial Vietnam"

November 6
"Journey from the Fall"
with director, Ham Tran
hosted by the Vietnamese Students Association

November 27
Paul Sager
History, NYU
"Civil Servants' Unions in Colonial Vietnam"

Saturday, March 29
"Little Heart / Trai Tim Be Bong"

Friday April 18

Nom Studies Workshop
Traces of Identity: Vietnamese Language,
Classical Chinese, and Chu Nom (Nom Script)

2:00 P.M.
Professor Nguyen Quang Hong, Hanoi, Vietnam
"Earliest Evidence of Nom Ideograms in Recorded History"

3:00 P.M.
Professor Nugyen Kim Son, Hanoi National University
"Important Features of Vietnam Medieval Literature (10th-19th Centuries):
A Comparative Study of the Dynamic Interplay
Between Chu Han (Classical Chinese) Literature and Chu Nom Literature"

Co-sponsored with the Yale Vietnamese Student Association (ViSA)

April 22
Charles Keith
History, Yale University
"Communism and Catholicism in Colonial Vietnam: the Early Stages of a Bad Relationship"