Yale Vietnamese Studies Group 2005-2006
Graduate Moderator :
Haydon Cherry

Undergraduate Moderator:
Hong Alyce Van

Thursday October 13
Charles Keith, PhD Candidate, History, Yale University
"And I Shall Make of Thee a Great Nation: Vietnamese Catholic Bishops and the Birth of Catholic Vietnam, 1920-1945"

Thursday, October 27
Haydon Cherry, PhD Candidate, History, Yale University

"French Educated Vietnamese Doctors and Medicine in the Vietnamese Public Sphere under Colonial Rule"

Thursday, December 1
Haruka Matsuda (Fox International Fellow, YCIAS; University of Tokyo)

"Beginning of Military Exchange among U.S., South Korea, South Vietnam"

Thursday, December 8
Pamela McElwee (Visiting Fellow, Agrarian Studies, Yale University)
"Democracy in Vietnam: Changing Times or False Hopes"

Thursday, January 26

Dr. Uy Hoang, EPH, Yale University
"Swapping Moon Cake for Apple Pie; interpretations of Asian American history and its utility in the European context"

Thursday, February 2
Natalie Nguyen, EPH, Yale University
"Human Trafficking: Vietnamese Migrant Workers and Brides in Taiwan"

Thursday, February 1
Thich Tri Hoang, PhD Eastern Philosophy, Leiden University
"Vietnamese Relations in the Beginning of the 19th Century

Thursday, April 6, 5:00 P.M.
Nguyen Chi Thien, author
"Flowers from Hell," a reading and dinner

Thai Pan Asian, 1150 Chapel St.(upstairs)

Thursday, April 13
Panel: Research/Study/Teach in Vietnam
Quang Phu Van, Senior Lector, SEAS, Yale University
Haydon Cherry, PhD Candidate, History, Yale University
Thanh Bui, EPH, Yale University
Alyce Van, Anthropology, Yale College
and a joint presentation from
Vy Vu, History, Yale College and Secretary of IVCE, and

Thang Tran, President of IVCE (http://ivce.org/html/about/exboard.asp)

Thursday, April 20

Huynh Van Lang, author and former professor of economics, Saigon University, Vietnam
"Witness to a System"
Dr. Huynh was an influential figure under the Ngo Dinh Diem regime before the fall of Saigon. His recently published book, "Witness to a System," is a memoir of his experiences during the Vietnam War.

Sunday, April 30
YVSG Field Trip
Duong Thu Huong in conversation with Robert Stone
Pen World Voices: The New York Festival of International Literature

12:00 PM, South Court Auditorium, New York Public Library, 5th Avenue off 42nd Street, NYC
(See http://www.nypl.org/research/chss/pep/pepdesc.cfm?id=1974
for details and information)

The first-ever U.S. appearance by Vietnam's foremost writer, who has been jailed and censored at home. Duong will be joined by distinguished novelist Robert Stone to discuss the writer's role in her society: the realities of war, censorship, and literature