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The Southeast Asian Refugee Project was begun by the Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies in 1981. Its purpose was to establish an archive for oral accounts, memoirs, histories and writings contributed by refugees from Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Under the editorial direction of Huynh Sanh Thông, a Vietnamese language and literature scholar noted for his translations of poetry, the project produced two fruitful publication series, The Viêt Nam Forum, featuring collections of literary works on Vietnamese history, folklore, economy and politics, and the Lac-Viêt, volumes of poetry, essays, and novels by individual authors, both original and in translation.

From 1994-1997, editor Dan Duffy brought out five additional volumes focusing on the work of the first post-war generation of Viet Nam Scholars, second-generation Vietnamese American Authors writing in English, and the doi moi (renovation) period in Viet Nam as reflected in belles-lettres from Ha Noi. These series have concluded with an annotated bibliography for teachers, (Lac-Viêt #17), featuring the best Vietnamese literature and scholarship on the culture of Viet Nam available in English.

Although the Yale SEAS Vietnam Publications Series is no longer publishing new volumes, an inventory of previously published books remains available for purchase (scroll through listings below / or click on series titles above).

The Lac-Viet Series

Currently Available titles are listed below by volume number with purchase price;
(click here -> for Out-Of Print volumes: text available as PDF files)


#1. Hoa Ðia-Nguc / Flowers from Hell, by Nguyên Chí Thiên.
136pp. (1984) A bilingual edition of poems selected and translated by Huynh Sanh Thông. $12.00.

    The poems were written during the author's twenty years imprisonment in "re-education camps" of Vietnam from 1958 to 1978. The poet won the 1985 International Poetry Prize in Rotterdam on the basis of this book.
    The English translation (and hand-drawn diacriticals in this edition) are by Huynh Sanh Thông, widely regarded as the preeminent translator of the poetry of Vietnam. Thông dedicated much of his life to bringing the achievements of Vietnamese literature and culture to western audiences, and was a 1987 MacArthur Fellowship recipient.

    Editorial comment: "What is memorable in these poems is the quality of the anger, the apocalyptic vision, the survival of dreams, hope, and love, the minute observation of prison life, and above all, the survival of poetry in Nguyen Chi Thien....for this tragic man poetry was no luxury - it was the staff of life." - James C. Scott

See also Hoa Lò: Hanoi Hilton Stories by Nguyên Chí Thiên

See Nguyên Chí Thiên obituary, New York Times, October 2012


#2. Vietnam, Hô Quy Ly and the Ming (1371-1421), by John K. Whitmore.
205pp. (1985) The first full length study in English devoted to a major figure at a critical period in Vietnamese history. $10.00.

#3. Chinh Phu Ngâm / The Song of a Soldier's Wife, by Dang Trân Côn & Phan Huy Ich.
(transl. & annotated by Huynh Sanh Thông; illustrated by Trúng Duong).
118pp. (1986) A classic of lyrical verse in a bilingual edition. $10.00.

#6. Exile in a Cold Land: A Vietnamese Community in Canada, by Louis-Jacques Dorais, Lise Pilon-Lê & Nguyên Huy.

209pp. (1987) An anthropological and sociological study. $15.00.

#7. Blood Brothers, by Pham Van Ky.

134pp. (1987) A novel translated from the French (Frères de sang) by Margaret Mauldon; introduced and annotated by Lucy Nguyên. A young Vietnamese intellectual caught between East and West. $10.00.

#9. Two Essays on Dai-Viêt in the Fourteenth Century, by O.W. Wolters.

180pp. (1988) Poetry and government as interpreted by distinguished historian. $15.00.

#10. The Tradition of Human Rights in China and Vietnam, by Stephen B. Young & Nguyên Ngoc Huy.
480pp. (1990) A comparative study by a lawyer and a political scientist. $20.00.

#11. Fallen Leaves, by Nguyên Thi Thu-Lâm.
224 pp. (1989) A Vietnamese woman reminisces about her life before and after the fall of Saigon. $15.00.

#14. New Perspectives on Vietnamese Music, (ed.) Phong T. Nguyên.

138pp. (1991) Six essays explore scholarly perspectives concerning Vietnamese music and ethnomusicology: illustrations, photographs, and music. >Available only through The International Association for Research in Vietnamese Music, 2005 Willow Ridge Circle, Kent, OH 44240 ( ; fax: 330-673-4434)


#15. The End of the Vietnamese Monarchy,
by Bruce McFarland Lockhart. [OUT OF PRINT]
242 pp. (1993) The decline and fall of a pattern of government, and of the ideals which provided its foundation. $15.00

#16. Nine Stories from the Newspaper of the Viet Nam Writers Union, Bao Van Nghe, selected, translated and illustrated by Rosemary Nguyen.

192 pp. (1997). A selection from the ordinary fiction of a Ha Noi weekly newspaper, presented to give a sense of the short stories that are the bread and butter of readers in Viet Nam. $18.00

17. Vietnamese Perspectives on the War in Viet Nam: an Annotated Bibliography of Works in English, by John C. Schafer.

136 pp. (1997). An annotated resource particularly for the non-specialist teaching topics related to Viet Nam. $18.00. See beta version of the Web Page adaptation at

Scanned texts of the OUT OF PRINT Lac- Viet volumes below can be downloaded as PDF files (Adobe Acrobat software required)

#4. Luc Suc Tranh Công / The Quarrel of the Six Beasts. Anonymous. (1987). A bilingual edition of the satiric poem, introduced by Nguyen Ngoc Huy, translated by Huyng Sanh Thong and illustrated by Trung Duong. (Click to download - 2283KB)

#5 To Be Made Over: Tales of Socialist Reeducation in Vietnam. (1988). Sixteen stories by Nhat Tien, Nguyen Mong Giac, Nguyen Ngoc Ngan, Vo Ky Dien and others. Translated by Huynh Sanh Thông. (Click to download - 10979KB)

#8. Phan Bôi Châu and the Dông-Du Movement, edited by Vinh Sính.
215pp. (1988). Essays by Vietnamese and Japanese scholars.
(Click to download - 8811KB)

#13 Les Missionnaires et la Politique Coloniale Francaise au Vietnam (1857-1914)
by Cao Huy Thuan
420pp. (1990) (Click
to download - 31873KB)

The Viet Nam Forum

1983-1990 volumes (# 1-13; Thong editorship) still in print are listed below,
-and are available at $10.00 each. (click here -> for Out-Of Print volumes: text available as PDF files)

Volumes from 1994 (# 14-16; Duffy editorship) are priced individually as indicated:

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Volume 1 (1983)
Volume 2 (1983)
Volume 3 (1984)
Volume 6 (1985)
Volume 9 (1987)
Volume 13 (1990)

#14 (1994) "A Review of Vietnamese Culture and Society" (formerly titled "Focus on Contemporary Fiction, the 1920's and Visits Home,") 358pp $15.00

#15 (1997) "North Vietnam Now: Fiction and Essays from Ha Noi," 275pp. $20.00

#16 (1997) "Not a War: American Vietnamese Fiction, Poetry and Essays," 316pp. $20.00

Scanned texts of the OUT OF PRINT Viet Nam Forum volumes below can be downloaded as PDF files (Adobe Acrobat software required)

Volume 4, 178 pages (1984) - (Click to download - 8.955 KB)

Volume 5, 264 pages (1985) - (Click to download - 12,730 KB)

Volume 7,
(not yet available for download)

Volume 8
, 280 pages (1986) -
(Click to download - 12,427 KB)

Volume 10, 252 pages (1987) - (Click to download - 10,779 KB)

Volume 11, 267 pages (1988) -
(Click to download - 11,198 KB)

Volume 12, 226 pages (1988) -
(Click to download - 14,911 KB)

The Hmong World

Intended to be a third series under the auspices of the Southeast Asian Refugee Project, only one volume was published in 1986. The Hmong World Volume 1 was edited by Brenda Johns and David Strecker, with cover drawings by Marsha Macdowell from Michigan Hmong Arts: Hmong Coloring Book (Michigan State University, 1983).

Now out of print, scanned text of The Hmong World 1 is available for download as a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat required) Click here-> to download (10,727 KB)