February 7, 2003

Food, Fun and Entertainment!!
Sponsored by: Yale SEAS language and Literature Programs

Featuring: Balinese Dancers from the Indonesian Consulate, NYC, singer Quynh Vy, and photographer Thang Tran

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Balinese Dances & Gamelan

Baris Tunggal "Warrior Dance" by Putu Bagus Krisna S.
Baris is a heroic dance depicting a great soldier or warrior engaging in military combat. Expressing bravery and dignity through explosive movement, the character is tense, trembling with nervous escitement and eyes darting from side to side. Often this is the first dance ayoung male dancer learns.

Taruna Jaya Dance by Ari Candrawati S.
The dance is characterized by the fast movement of a young man - dynamic and vigorous. Created by I Gde Manik, a renowned artist from Singaraja, Bali.

Gansa: Demonstration and explanation of one instrument of a Gamelan orchestra by I Nyoman Saptanyana

Vietnamese Songs
Sung by Quynh Vy
Keyboard by Vu Thang
"Huong Ngoc Lan" and "Em Oi Ha-Noi-Pho"

Photo Exhibition
A Journey to Vietnam, photographs by Thang Tran, president of the Institute for Vietnamese Culture and Education and editor of Nhip Song Magazine.