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Publications by the Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies have included a Cultural Report Series, a Bibliography Series, and a Translation Series, with volumes (now out of print) dating from 1948-1979 (see SEAS Publications Brochure 1979 and also Yale SEAS History

The Council continues to edit and publish its long-running Monograph Series, the first volume of which was printed in 1961. This series includes books on the history, cultures, and politics of Southeast Asia, as well as economic and anthropological subjects relevant to the region. Titles and descriptions of books still in print can be found on the Monograph website linked above.

Authors who wish to submit manuscripts for consideration should see Information for Authors.

The Southeast Asian Refugee Project was begun by the Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies under the directorship of Huynh Sanh Thong in 1981. Its purpose was to establish an archive for oral accounts, memoirs, histories and writings contributed by refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The project produced two fruitful publication series, The Viêt Nam Forum, featuring collections of literary works on Vietnamese history, folklore, economy and politics, and the Lac-Viêt, volumes of poetry, essays, and novels by individual authors, both original and in translation. Although the Yale SEAS Vietnam Publications Series is no longer publishing new volumes, an inventory of previously published books remains available for purchase.