Directions to Luce Hall





Southeast Asia Studies
Annual Cultural Festival 2007
hosted by the SEA Language & Literature Faculty
Friday, February 16, 6:00 - 9:00 P.M.
in the Common Room & Auditorium, Henry Luce Hall
34 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut

Food, Performances, Exhibits

Javanese Gamelan klenengan music
(a small ensemble performance)

of Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia,Vietnam and the Hmong

Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hmong
Traditional Hmong Flute

Gamelan Suprabanggo
Yale Gamelan gadhon
Director, Professor Sarah Weiss, Yale School of Music
Bapak Darsono, Master Musician, Wesleyan University

Cambodian Dance Group
Waterford, Connecticut
Director: Somaly K. Hay

The Connecticut Lao Association
West Hartford, Connecticut
The Hmong Foundation of Connecticut, Inc.
ViSA (Vietnamese Students Association at Yale)
Vietnamese language students and friends
The Vietnamese Catholic Youth Group,
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Indonesian community and friends at Yale
and in Connecticut


for information or to volunteer assistance

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Amnaj Jatuprayoon and his Dance Troupe of NYC and Phin Pia performer Andrew McGraw

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-which featured the
Gamelan Dharmaswara, Balinese Gamelan Ensemble & Dancers from the Indonesian Consulate, New York

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