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Michael R. Dove, COUNCIL CHAIR
Margaret K. Musser Professor of Social Ecology, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; Professor of Anthropology; Curator of Anthropology, Peabody Museum. (ecological anthropology; natural resource use, conservation, and rural development; sociology of science; Insular Southeast Asia, Indonesia)

Dinny Risri Aletheiani
Lector, Indonesian Language Studies (Indonesian language, culture and literature)

Ruth Barnes
Thomas Jaffe Curator of Indo-Pacific Art, Yale Art Gallery (textiles; Indian Ocean trade; social history of material culture; Indonesia, India, Southeast Asia)

Carol Carpenter
Senior Lecturer and Associate Research Scientist in Natural Resource Social Science, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; Adjunct Lecturer, Anthropology. (social anthropology; ecological anthropology; gender and agricultural systems; rural development; Indonesia)

Harold C. Conklin (Emeritus)
Franklin Muzzy Crosby Professor Emeritus of the Human Environment; Professor Emeritus of Anthropology; Curator Emeritus of Anthropology, The Peabody Museum. (cultural anthropology; tropical ecology; linguistics; Insular Southeast Asia, Philippines)

Amity A. Doolittle
Associate Research Scientist in Conservation and Development, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (property rights and environmental change, environmental history; Malaysia)

J. Joseph Errington
Professor of Anthropology (linguistic anthropology; Indonesia)

Erik Lind Harms (on leave Fall 2015)
Associate Professor of Anthropology. (socio-cultural anthropology and ethnography: urban and peri-urban life; rural-urban transitions; politics of culture; Viet Nam - See New Urban Vietnam project)

Ben Kiernan
A. Whitney Griswold Professor of History; Professor of International and Area Studies, MacMillan Center; Founding Director (1994-2015), Genocide Studies Program (history of Southeast Asia; genocide studies; Cambodia, Vietnam)

Richard Richie
Librarian for Southeast Asia Studies, Southeast Asia Studies Collection, Sterling Memorial Library

James C. Scott
Sterling Professor of Political Science and Anthropology; Co-Director, Agrarian Studies Program. (politics of Southeast Asia; politics of peasant society; revolution and violence; Malaysia, Burma)

Indriyo K. Sukmono
Senior Lector, Indonesian Language Studies. (Indonesian language, culture and literature)

Quang Phu Van
Senior Lector II, Vietnamese Language Studies (Vietnamese language, culture and literature; eastern philosophy)

Frederick Wherry
Professor of Sociology; Co-Director, Center for Cultural Sociology (CCS)
(Cultural Sociology; Economic Sociology; Globalization; Ethnography; Field Methods;
Thailand, Costa Rica)

Mimi Hall Yiengpruksawan
Professor of Art History (art history; Japan, Southeast Asia; Buddhism; religion and state; art and ideology).


Robert Barnes
Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Oxford (retired) (ethnology, history and languages, cultural anthropology; Indonesia, Southeast Asia)

Bradley Camp Davis
Assistant Professor of History, Eastern Connecticut State University (history, uplands ethnic communities, Asian studies, Southeast Asian Studies; Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand)

Marguerite Bich Nguyen
Assistant Professor of English, Wesleyan University (Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American Literature, Asian-American Studies, literary history)

Stéphanie Ponsavady
Assistant Professor of French, Wesleyan University (transport, traffic and mobilities in contemporary France and French colonial Indochina; Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos)

Bradley Simpson
Associate Professor of History and Asian Studies, University of Connecticut (Southeast Asian history, history of human rights, decolonialization, history of U.S. foreign relations; Indonesia, East Timor)

Ivan V. Small
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Central Connecticut State University (sociocultural and economic anthropology, globalization and transnational studies, emerging economies; Vietnam)

University Professor of Music, Wesleyan University (Indonesian music and theater; performance, history and theory of gamelan and wayang)

Michele Thompson
Professor of History, Southern Connecticut State University (history of science; medicine and technology; comparative colonialisms; Vietnam, Southeast Asia).

Sarah Weiss
Rector, Saga Residential College, and Associate Professor of Humanities (Music), Yale-NUS College, Singapore (postcolonialty, hybridity, gender and aesthetics; Javanese gamelan; a cappella communities; urban music and music cultures)

Wynn Gadkar Wilcox
Associate Professor of History and Non-Western Cultures, Western Connecticut State University
(historiography and intellectual history; Vietnam)


Refi Aksep Sativa
Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant, Indonesian 2015-2016; Teacher of English, LBPP LIA Padang Secondary School, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Tran Duc Anh Son
Visiting Fulbright Scholar, 2015-16; Deputy Diretor, Danang Institute for Socio-Eoncomic Development, Vietnam. Project: Archival research of materials held in U.S. Libraries relating to the geograpy and history of the Paracels and Spratlys, archipelagos in the East Sea (South China Sea).


Kristine Mooseker
Program Manager, 311 Luce Hall / 203-432-3431

Karen Truc Van
Library Cataloging Assistant, Southeast Asia Collection

Faizah Zakaria
Clerical Assistant, Publications