Southeast Asia Studies Seminar Program
The MacMillan Center at Yale University
Apr 24 , 2013

"Domiciles: Activist Spaces and Archived Selves in Indonesia"
Doreen Lee, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Northeastern University

This talk draws upon material on activist spaces, interiors, and spatial practices from my book manuscript "Pemuda Fever: Nationalism, Youth, and Public culture in Urban Indonesia." I explore the discourses and meanings of space among Indonesian activists in the late nineties through the mid noughties, concentrating on specific structures associated with youth culture and the student movement that illuminate the changes to political expression and engagement at the end of the New Order era. In using the term "domicile" and its Indonesia equivalent "domisili", I theorize a mode of spatial occupation that troubles the distinction between exterior and interior spaces, public and private spheres, and middle class and itinerant zones. Activist "homes" thus remain fluid and hybrid spaces that form the spatial structures of extensive political experimentation against order and hierarchy.

Doreen Lee is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Northeastern University. She obtained her PhD from Cornell University in 2008 in Anthropology, with a concentration in Southeast Asian Studies. She currently teaches and conducts research on publics, politics, cities, art and technology. Her work has appeared in Indonesia journal, History and Anthropology, and the Journal of Urban History.


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