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Information for Authors

To have your manuscript considered for publication, please submit an Abstract, Table of Contents, and Sample Chapter to:

Southeast Asia Studies
Yale University
P.O. Box 208206
New Haven, CT 06520-8206

or via e-mail attachment to: seas@yale.edu

If approved by the Editor, a full manuscript will be requested for comprehensive review by selected external reader(s). The review will help to determine whether the manuscript is appropriate for publication, and/or if it is publishable pending specified revisions.

Once accepted for publication, manuscripts are copy-edited for grammar and presentation, changes are proofed and approved by the author, and the text is typeset and prepared for press. Please plan to submit your materials electronically in accordance with the >Guidelines for Typesetting and Layout (see also Metaglyfix Guidelines and Tips).

Authors and editors should also refer to >SEAS Monograph Styles for an idea of what to anticipate, should your manuscript reach the typesetting stage.

Please note that upon acceptance, the author(s) will be required to enter into a publication agreement transferring copyright to the Council on Southeast Asian Studies, Yale University. Except in exceptional circumstances and by prior negotiation, royalties are not paid.

Authors will be responsible for acquiring any and all necessary permissions for use of previously published or copyrighted material. See Permissions: Instructions for Authors

Yale Southeast Asia Studies is a non-profit, academic publishing entity.* Thanks to the generous resources of Yale University, along with subsidies from a variety of grant and endowment funds, the Council has maintained its commitment to the publication and dissemination of deserving work since 1948.

*(Yale Press is a separate and larger publishing entity at the University, with books covering a wide range of scholarly subject matter. For information on Yale Press submission procedures, see http://yalepress.yale.edu/yupbooks/submissions.asp)