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Newest Images:
2004 Cultural event at McDonald Hall, Graduate School
2003 End of the Year Dinner at Thai Taste restaurant
2003 SATAY dinner
Past Pictures:
A Past End of Year Dinner
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Text Box: Come to the Thai language Table
      Thai Language Table
      Date : Thursdays
      Time : 6 pm -7 pm
      Place: Timothy Dwight Dining Hall
  Come have dinner with fellow SATAY members.  
         Learn about Thailand.  Brush up on your Thai.  Just come to hang out.
Meal tickets are available for graduate students.  
Email: Apinya for more information or to sign up for the language table reminder list.
Other Events in Progress
   Got any ideas? email Apinya or any one of the officers.


Text Box: To the old site.
North Illinois University's Thai Language Site: Great resource on the language
Doozija.com: A website where one can watch Thai Soap Operas for Free.  (in Thai)
Parsit: An English to Thai translator that can translate passages and websites






























Last updated: February 16th, 2004