The Sangha River Network

The Conferences

The SRN functions through alternating small to medium-sized meetings for focused conceptual and organizational work (1997, in Bayanga, CAR; 1998 in Orleans, France) and larger conferences geared toward broader debate, dissemination of information and extension of the network (1997 at Yale University, USA; 2000 potentially in Cameroon). This format allows network growth toward inclusion of actors ranging from rainforest residents to international industry representatives, while retaining focus on our principal analytical, informational and educational objectives. From this page you can link to a page devoted to each of the conferences, whereon you will find the  conference proceedings. At the bottom of each page is an E-mail link to SRN, providing the possibility for site readers to contribute to the development of our next meeting(s) and ongoing working groups.

In short, we work to combine face-to-face interpersonal connections with the Internet connections that enable us all to remain in contact despite the distances separating us.

1997 August: Dzanga-Sangha, Central Africa Republic

1997 September: Yale University, USA.

1998 September: University of Orleans/ERMES, France

1999-2000: Africa

SRN Working Groups / Africa-related Conferences

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