Sample Table of Contents


I. Organization of the Army

Numbers, Strength				    p.13
Permanent Structure of the Military Administration p.15
Central Administration ---
Regional Administration p.16
Local Administration ---
Structure of Ground Forces p.19
Infantry ---
Cavalry p.21
Artillery p.23
Red Air Force p.24
Armored Units p.27
Communications Forces ---
Railway Forces p.29
Engineering Forces ---
Guard Forces p.31
Auxiliary Forces p.32
Training Forces p.33
Measures for Improvement of Army Officers p.34
Pre-conscription Training ---
Physical development of the Red Army p.37
Training of Instruction Officers for Teaching Pre-conscripts p.38
II. Composition of the Army

Personnel & Movement of Personnel    		    p.42
Social, National & Age-Group Officers ---
Profit & Losses of Personnel p.45
Cavalry Personnel p.48
Number of Horses ---
Current Replacement, Refreshment, Departure, & Maintenance p.50
Sanitary-Veterinary Conditions p.51
Inventory of Reservists and Men Liable-for-Call-Up p.65
Inventory of Rank & File Staff ---
Inventory of Command & Administrative Staff ---
III. Training of the Army

Training of Red Army Forces                         p.69
Preparation of Instructor Forces p.72
Training of Command Forces p.74
Preparation of Command Forces in Military Training Institutions ---
Conformity of Middle, Senior, and Higher Command Officers p.80
Provision of Service Regulations and Manuals to Military Units and Command Staff p.83
Military-Publishing Staff p.84
IV. Provision/Supply of the Army

Rations and Fodder				    p.89
Clothing Provisions p.95
Military Economy p.100
Artillery Provisions p.102
Engineering Provisions p.112
Provisions for Communications Property p.120
Provisions for Sport Property p.123
Financial Provisions ---
Sanitary Provisions p.129
Veterinary Allowance p.132
V. Billeting Allowance of Forces

Security of Lodgings				    p.137
Equipment for Training of Forces p.140
Protection of Fuel p.141
Public Utilities p.142
VI. Sanitary Conditions of Army

VII. Cultural Education and Political Work in the Army and Navy

Cultural Educational and Political Work in the 
   Red Army				  	    p.161
Political Work in PKKF p.173
VIII. Improvement of Legal and Material Situation of Servicemen

Improvement of Legal Situation of Servicemen        p.177
Improvement of Material Situation of Servicemen p.179
IX. Red Aerial Fleet/Air Force

Personal Staff 					    p.187
Work of the Red Air Force p.190
Military Training of the Red Air Force p.192
Citizen's Air Force p.198
Supplies p.200
X. Military Communications

Personal Staff 					    p.207
Transportation Departments p.208
Auto-transportation Resources p.210
Food Reserves p.214
Railway Resources p.215
Main Roads and Ground Roads p.216
Conveyance of Troops p.219
Technical Work of the Railway p.224
XI. Utilization of the Army

Utilization of Troops for Military Goals 	    p.229
Utilization of Troops in Sentinel Service p.231


I. Workers-Peasants Red Fleet

Organization of Marine Forces 			    p.243
Organization of Marine Command and Central Administration p.245
Organization of the Command and Management in the Marines p.246
II. Ocean-Going Ships

Ships of the Baltic Fleet 			    p.251
Ships of the Northern Sea p.254
Ships of the Caspian Sea p.255
Ships of the Black Sea p.256
Ships of the Far East p.259
Ships of the Army River Fleet ---
Manoevering of Fleets p.260
III. Personal Staff Of PKKF

Command Staff 					    p.262
Non-Command Staff ---
IV. Teaching of the Command Composition and of PKKF Specialists

Military-Sea Academy 				    p.271
Preparation of the Command Staff p.275
Preparation of the Non-Command Staff p.281
Hydorgraphia p.285
Editing/Publishing Work ---
V. Supply, Production and Building Work

Armaments 					    p.289
Radio-Telegraph Property and Buildings ---
Ship-building and Repair ---
Construction Works p.290
Clothing Supplies ---
Provisions p.296
Fuel ---
Technical Supply p.294
Monetary Provisions ---
VI. Medical Condition of the Fleet

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