Yale Russian Archive Project

The Yale Russian Archive Project (YRAP) will serve as a clearinghouse for information in order to facilitate access to the newly available documents in the archives of the former Soviet Union.

The YRAP site will provide scholars around the world with detailed information about the archives before they travel to Russia, Ukraine and other former-Soviet republics.

Other Websites Regarding Soviet Archival Information
Click here to transfer to other sources of information about Russian archives available through the World Wide Web.

Private/Institutional Archival Collections in the U.S.
Click here for short descriptions and addresses of private and institutional collections that are not accessible on the internet. A description of Yale University's collection of photocopied declassified documents, acquired from the Russian State Military Archive, can be found here.

Publication Projects
Click here for publications and books focused on archival research about the former Soviet Union.

For More Information Contact:
Mary Habeck -- Yale University