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IRA 2015: Medals don't crack but fiberglass does
(May31) - The Yale lightweights won two medals in the IRA fours events this year, and they wanted a medal in the eight as well, but a strong field and a stronger telephone pole put that 3rd medal goal away. 
   The high for the regatta was on Saturday, when first the coxless four won the bronze in a brand-new event. Short on their heels the coxed four led the race from pillar-to-post to take the gold medal. 
    The eight faced more than a challenge from a strong field, for on Thursday (the travel day) the stern of the varsity eight was damaged beyond repair just outside of the race course. The generous offer from the Princeton women's crew of a similar racing shell meant that the crew could make as seamless a transition as possible. After that turmoil, the crew had some good rows, but on the day could not find the top gear necessary to run with the leaders in either the heat or the final, and finished in 5th place. 

Bleige Sprints
(May 17) - The Blue 150-lb. squad went to Worcester to see if they could grab three medals in the Jope Cup events and disrupt some rankings, and the team almost did that across the board today.
   The 4th seed Yale 1V finished third in the slower of two heats to Cornell and Harvard to take the last qualifying spot.
   The 2V finished second in their heat, also to Cornell, while posting the third fastest time of the morning.
   The 3V finished third in their heat to set up Yale as one of four schools to have entries in all three Jope Cup events.
   The finals were thrilling at all levels, starting with the 3V, who came back on the field with strong push at the 1000 meter mark. That move along with a strong finishing spring almost saw them get on the podium, coming within a foot of bronze medalist Navy.
   The 2V raced bravely but a bit recklessly, rating far above the field for the first 1250 or so. This did get them the lead, but that effort caught up with the Bulldogs as they faded hard to 5th, which was one place less than their seed.
   The 1V did not get off the line the way they wanted, and that put them on the back foot, level with Princeton and Harvard behind Cornell and Columbia. The crew did manage to move slowly away from Harvard, but were unable to keep up with the leading pack, to finish at their seed, 4th.
   This finish qualifies the Eli for a place at the national championship table in two weeks, in Mercer County at the IRA Regatta.

H-Y-P Derby
(April 25) - The Goldthwait Cup and Vogel Cup annual competition is always a barn-burner, and 2015 was no different here today in fast conditions on the Housatonic River. 
In a race that went all the way down to the wire, Princeton took the varsity event over Yale by 1.15 seconds who were in turn 2.55 seconds in front of Harvard.
The 2V race saw the #1 ranked crew, Princeton, upset by both Harvard, who won, and Yale, who was second.
The 3V was won by Princeton in a come-from-behind win over Harvard with Yale trailing a length back.
The Vogel Cup was won by Princeton with a score of 35 points to Harvard's 28 to Yale's 24.
The Harvard coxswains took the coveted "Not Cheating Not Trying" Trophy by unveiling the old "row all four at a time trick". Yale second in a photo-finish ahead of Princeton.

Four for Durand
(April 18) - Finally some great spring weather on both the weigh-in Friday and race day Saturday meant good things for the Eli lightrweights as they took on the Big Green of Dartmouth in the Durand Cup today. 
   The Y150s won all four races, including the varsity race for the Cup named for legendary Y150 coach Loyal Durand. All Yale crews got off to solid starts against Dartmouth, and were able to control the pace throughout the 2000 meter buoyed course. 
  Yale has now won the Cup three years in a row following a two-year run by Dartmouth. Full results here.

Y150 Road Warriors take 1-2 punch and move on
(April 12) - Well, sometimes things don't go quite as planned, but when you take to the road you always learn something new, and this past weekend the Yale lightweights traveled 558 miles to race 4000 meters against league rivals Penn with host Columbia and then Cornell over two days. In the Dodge Cup races on Saturday, the Yale 3V won but the Yale 2V and 1V dropped exciting races to Columbia. 
   After a nice dinner at the Roscoe Diner, Y150 woke up early to take on the Cornell Big Red on the Cayuga Inlet. Despite some fine Ithacan java, the Yale lightweights found the racing tough and the Big Red faster, falling in all three boat categories. 

Jo-Jo's back to Derby
(April 5 - Derby, CT) The Johnson Cup and the Joy Cup both return to Gilder Boathouse as the Yale lightweights start their 2015 season with two Cup wins. On a windy and fluid Housatonic race course yesterday, Yale was able to outlast a late charge by M.I.T. to take the 1V race in the first racing of the morning. Both Joy Cup crews were able to outpace Georgetown.
   A week earlier a day trip to Lake Carnegie saw another windy race course and a great day of racing against the U.S. Naval Academy. Yale was able to win all three races against the Midshipmen to take home the Johnson Cup.

2014 Chase
(Princeton, NJ October 26) The Yale lightweights closed their 2014 fall season with multiple races at the 3-Mile Chase today on Lake Carnegie.
   The lightweight events at the Chase have no official weigh in, but the Y150 weighed in anyway on Sunday at the following averages: A 161.0, B 165.0, C 161.5.
   The lightweight eight was first, and Yale's A entry finished second to 2014 IRA Champion Cornell, and the B eight -- 7th overall -- was faster than all the B's and some of the A's. The C eight was 3rd among the C's.
   The fours event was also a success for Y150, with Yale placing all 4 coxed fours in the top ten with 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 9th place finishes.
   Full results here.  

No way home
(West Windsor, NJ) The Yale lightweights couldn't find the right gear today on Mercer Lake in the IRA Grand Final. The Eli had their sights set on #1 seed Cornell and taking the national championship, but came in fourth place after Yale, Columbia, and Harvard in turn made their runs at the Big Red. None could overtake Cornell, who won their first 1922 Trophy since 2008.
   Captain Matt O'Donoghue said after the row, "I guess it would be nice to be on the podium with a silver or a bronze, but really we would feel the same as we do now. We came here to win. Good job to Cornell, nobody could beat them this spring."
   The Yale lightweight four had a better final than their heat, finishing fifth in the Grand. 
    The IRA group is all returning in 2014-2015, save for graduating seniors Matt O'Donoghue, Brendan Harrington, Joshua Mann, and Ilana Usiskin.

No spin zone
EARC Sprints 1V Grand Final

Cornell  5:39.417
Yale      5:40.349
Princeton 5:41.608
Columbia  5:41.841
Harvard  5:46.152
M.I.T. 5:52.180

Foot of the Charles
(April 26 - Boston) The Yale varsity came up one foot short today on the Charles, which cost them both the Goldthwait Cup for the varsity eights and the Vogel Cup for overall team performance at the annual contest between Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. Princeton won the varsity eight in a virtual tie with Yale, with Harvard 6 seconds back. The 20 Vogel Cup points for Princeton were enough to win them the Cup for the first time since the Cup was inaugurated in 2003..
   Yale and Princeton started the race strongly, and the crews were level through the first 1000 meters, when a good Princeton effort pushed them out to about a half length or more lead. But Yale pushed back throughout the last 500 in a long drive that fell just short by a foot. 
   The Yale 1F gave a decent accounting of themselves, pushing Harvard the whole way, and giving up only a length over the distance. The 2V race was all Princeton, as the crew proved their sterling record to date was well deserved. And the combination 3V/2F race went to Princeton as well. 

   Harvard was believed to have won the coxswain's race, but widespread reports of skullduggery, underhandedness, and prestidigitation were rife amongst the enthralled crowd. 

Durand Cup & Joy Cup stay in Derby for 2014
(April 19 - Derby) For the first time today on the Housatonic River the Yale lightweights raced for two dual Cups named after former Yale lightweight coaches. The Durand Cup was moved from its original Hanover site due to unsafe racing conditions on the Connecticut River. The Joy Cup was originally scheduled for Cambridge but M.I.T.'s travel to the San Diego Crew Classic in early April caused a change to the Derby race site and an afternoon clash between the two schools.
   Loyal Durand and Jimmy Joy were Yale lightweight coaches in the '50s and '60s-'70s respectively, and their crews honored them by inaugurating these Cups. So it was fitting that Coach Dave Vogel '71 --- who rowed for Jimmy Joy -- was on hand at the regatta to award the Joy Cup to the victorious Yale varsity, who defeated the Beavers by seven seconds. 
   Earlier in the day, Yale took on Dartmouth, and the 1V retained the Durand Cup by 7.33 seconds. 
   The lower boats for Yale also were unblemished on the day, winning all their races in both the morning and afternoon tilts. Full results can be found here.

Red Dawn
(April 13 - Derby) The Cornell U. lightweights won all four races today on the Housatonic, but not without some pressure from Yale. 
   In the 1F, Yale held a small lead through most of the race course, but Yale could not hold off the Big Red challenge in the last 1/3rd of the race, and Cornell went on to win by 2.14 seconds. The 2V race was even tighter, with Cornell and Yale trading the lead throughout the race. Coming into the last 100 meters, Cornell had the lead but Yale was closing fast. It wasn't enough for the Bulldogs though, as it was Cornell by a foot in the end.
   The varsity race was next, and two quality crews put up fast times for the conditions. Cornell had the better piece though, winning it through the body of the course, and finishing in 5:56.0 to Yale's 5:59.46. The last race was the 3V, and that was all Cornell, winning by 13 seconds. 
   Next week will also see Y150 racing twice, but this time it's a road-and-home I-91 experience, racing Dartmouth for the Durand Cup in Hanover in the morning and M.I.T. for the Joy Cup in Derby in the afternoon. 

The Dodge Cup
(April 12 - Derby) There was some terrific racing on the Housatonic today in the Dodge Cup, which saw Yale take the 1V and 2V races from Columbia and Penn, while Penn racked up a win in the 1F. In the last race of the day, Columbia's 3rd eight beat Yale's 4th eight. 
   Yale defended the Dodge Cup today in a fast and close race with Columbia. When the flag dropped, Yale was 2.14 seconds ahead of the Lions. The 2V race was even closer, with the two crews from Yale and Columbia trading the lead. In the end, it was Yale who pushed out for the 1-second win.
   The 1F race was unusual, as both crews started strong but a Yale steering error into Penn's lane and subsequent clash with the Quakers cost the Bulldogs dearly. Although the referee did not stop the race, the Elis were clearly disqualified by rule. Penn's time of 5:51 was very fast especially with regard to the stoppage.
   The Columbia 3V handled Yale's 4V with ease, pulling away for a 10-second win. 
   But there is no rest for the Blue or the Big Red, On Sunday the second part of the Y150 double-header weekend sees Cornell coming to Derby for a 9 am regatta start.

Tom Swartz '13 earns his Blue and wins The Boat Race
(April 6 - London) A brief report from the Thames in London informs that Tom Swartz of the Yale lightweights has won the Boat Race with his Oxford teammates and is now celebrating somewhere in Londontown, whereabouts unavailable at this time.
   Y150 sends our congratulations to Tom and the rest of his squad for beating The Filth. 

Yale beats G'town in first home race
(April 5) The Yale lightweights had their home opener to 2014 today in cool spring conditions on the Housatonic. With M.I.T. in San Diego, the traditional Joy Cup weekend has been postponed until later in April, but Georgetown continued their competition with Yale today, with a 3-race regatta that was mixed in with the women's regatta against Cornell. 
   Yale had two entries in the first race, and both finished ahead of Georgetown. The 2V and 1V races also had similar results, with Yale taking a lead early and not looking back. Full results are here.

Yale battles Navy for the Johnson Cup
(March 29) The winter that just won't die continued on Saturday, this time coming up with a late November cross-headwind and soaking rain that left spectators and oarsmen alike drenched with Central New Jersey flavor. Both squads endured the challenging conditions at the finish line launching site at Lake Carnegie as best they could before getting ready to race in the 11th year of the Eads Johnson Jr. Cup. The first race saw two Naval Academy crews soundly defeat a Yale combination crew, but after that it was Yale who rowed to success in the first 2000 meter racing for both squads. The Yale 1V, 2V, and 1F were able to get ahead early and then survive many challenges from Navy all the way down the course. Yale wins the Johnson Cup for the 4th year in a row, and now has an overall 7-4 record in the series. Next week the Elis take on Georgetown at home. No weather report is available at this time. Results here.

Our man Tom (Swartz '13) rows with the Tommies in the Boat Race April 6

(Tom Swartz Y150 '13 rows with the 2011 National Champions in training. Will Zeng '11 is behind Tom at 4-seat. Note that in this photo Tom is rowing on starboard; in the Boat Race Tom will row on port.)

Yale is on 

(March 8) Y150 is on the water in 2014.

Monster Freesh
(Nov 2) The Y150 freshmen took a day trip up to Hanover two days after Halloween and they brought back some fast times and good results from the North Country. 
   Yale had two entries in the men's freshman event at the Green Monster. Yale's 'A' entry finished 1st among lightweights and 6th overall-- just one second out of fifth place-- in an impressive time of 14:49. Yale's 'B' entry was not far behind, in a time of 15:15, 3rd among lightweights and 10th overall. 
   In addition to boasting the fastest single lightweight entry of the regatta, the overall results put Yale ahead of all the participating lightweight programs, with a faster cumulative time than Dartmouth, Harvard and MIT. Overall, they posted third-fastest aggregate time of the regatta. Full results here.

Chased it and got it
(Oct 27) The Y150 squad went down to Lake Carnegie today and took the men's lightweight eight race decisively at the 3-Mile Chase, winning by 15 seconds over 2nd place Princeton. The Yale 'A' crew also had the fastest time of the day overall. The 'B' crew was second among the B's behind Cornell B, and the C boat, primarily a 2F, had a good row also.
   And later on a beautiful fall afternoon, the Yale fours finished 2nd, 4th, 10th, and 21st. The freesh entry camcall and 5th among lightweight crews. Eric Esposito '17 won the men's single to get Yale's 10th coffee mug of the day. The varsity eight coxswain and New Jersey native Ilana Usiskin '14 had a birthday coffee in her new mug.

Not everyone but almost

Y150 finds silver in gold country
(June 2) The Y150 won the IRA silver medal on Lake Natoma in Folsom, California.There was a gold rush for the national title on the West Coast, which found Harvard with an early lead they would not relinquish. As they have all year, Yale was the pre-eminent challenger to Harvard, and though the Eli rally fell short by 1 second, it has been a great (but not perfect season) for Yale, the runner-up at both the Sprints and the IRA. 
   The lightweight four made the Grand Final but could not repeat the speed they exhibited in the heat, and fell to fifth. 

Yale Lightweights are the best team for second year in a row
~ 1F  Gold  &  1V  Silver ~
(May 19) The Y150 has won the Jope Cup for lightweight team supremacy for the second year in a row, by virtue of a silver medal in the 1V, a third-straight gold medal in the 1F, and an 'at-seed' performance from the 2V to finish fourth. This gave Yale a total of 33 points to Harvard's 32 and Cornell's 31. 
   Yes, we don't have the best eight in the league -- just the second-best eight -- but Yale does have back-to-back Jope Cup titles to show for their efforts this campaign. 
   And the Kilpatrick Cup is back in the Trophy Case at the Gilder boathouse by virtue of the 1F's 3.5 second win over Cornell. Penn -- the only team to best the Elis this season -- finished third. 

Y150 1V finishes regular season 8-&-wanted-that-1
(Apr 27) The Yale lightweight varsity is 8 up and 1 down on the year, but that "1" is the one that got away today on Lake Carnegie, the only blemish on the year. 
  Overall, the Vogel Cup Regatta found Yale a little on the backfoot in the 2V and 3V races, but not in the 1F race. Coming into the race the Yale freesh had lost only once to Penn, and that was an instructive race for the crew, who were able to move away from the Princeton challenge in the 2nd 1000 to take the Class of 2011 Bowl. Harvard won the Vogel Cup for their overall performance. Princeton won the coxswains' race, although witnesses have video tape of illegal Friday practice, which could nullify the win and give the Cup to Yale.

Yale wins Durand Cup at home
(Apr 20) Yale lightweights took the Durand Cup back to their trophy case here at the Gilder Boathouse today. This was the first Durand win over Dartmouth since 2009. Y150 also won the other three races, the 2V, 1F, and 3V 8+s. Full results are here.

Travelin' band
(Apr 14) The Y150 logged 650 miles this weekend and faced the challenge of three Ivy opponents. First on the slate was the Dodge Cup against Penn and Columbia on the Schuylkill. Yale won all the upperclass races, losing only in the 1F to Penn. Then it was up to Ithaca to watch the Yale men's hockey team win the NCAA championship on Saturday night before facing their own test in the Big Red on Sunday. And that challenge was met in the 1V and 1F races, as well as the 3V 4+. Cornell did best Yale in the 2V matchup in a close race for the full 2k. 
   Congrats to Yale hockey! Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Durand Cup with Dartmouth. 

Joy Cup stays in Derby
(Apr 6) Y150 won all the races in the The James C. Joy Cup Regatta, named for legendary Yale lightweight coach Jimmy Joy. The Cup was given in Jimmy's honor by his loyal oarsman in 1972. Georgetown has been a recent addition to the regatta. Full race times can be found by clicking on the Joy Cup link above. 

Johnson Cup returns to Derby for 3rd year
(Mar 30) The Yale lightweights opened their 2013 season with the Johnson Cup against the U.S. Naval Academy today on the neutral waters of Lake Carnegie. 
   This was the 10th year for the Johnson Cup, named for Y150 captain and Navy officer Eads Johnson, Jr. For the third year in a row and 5 out of the last 6 years, Yale takes the trophy home waters in Derby. The 3V 4+, as well as the 2V and the 1F were also victorious today.
   Full results can be found here.

The Toenail of the Housatonic
(Nov 16) Perhaps the most exclusive fours regatta in the world, the Toenail of the Housatonic went down this morning in perfect conditions. Results were as follows:
Y150 'A-' 21:01.4
Y150 'B-' 21:12.1
Y150 'C-' 21:22.3
Y150 'D+' 21:40.2
Y150 'E+' 21:54.6
Y150 'F+' 22:01.5
Y150 'G+' 23:30.3
Y150 'H+' 23:35.1

Double Dose of Sandy Silvers
(Oct 28) The conditions weren't Sandy (or Snowy), they were actually quite good, and so were the results for the Y150 down on Lake Carnegie today. The varsity eights raced first, and Yale finished second among the 'A' boats, a close-but-no-mug 1.8 seconds behind Harvard. Yale 'C' beat Yale 'B' by 0.67 seconds to finish 11th and 12th.
   In the novice event, Yale's "B"s came in 25th.
But there was more racing to come, and the lightweight fours were both with near-mishaps (broken skeg) and near-victories, as Yale 'A" was second overall, 6 seconds behind Harvard 'B'. Yale 'A' and 'B' finished second and fourth, with two other fours finishing 13th and 18th. 
  Then the small boats threw down, and the conditions did not disappoint. Y150 had a 2x, three 2-s, and a lone 1x to finish off the day.
Full results here.

The 8+ is 4th and the 4+s are 2nd + 3rd
(Oct 21) The Head of the Charles 2012 is the first chance for the EARC lightweights to get together and race, and Y150 saw some terrific competition. It was a good day on the river, and an upgrade to 2011's results. Starting 5th, the Yale eight had to pass Georgetown to finish 4th overall. The two Yale fours had a cleaner run, and the 'A' four finished second, 1.68 seconds behind NYAC, with Colin Corcoran '11 at 2-seat. The 'B' four finished 4th on time, but 3rd place Ottawa was penalized, moving Yale 'B' up to 3rd. This is the 2nd year in a row that Yale has finished 2-3 in the lightweight four.

Who's Hous
(Oct 6) The first fall regatta for the Y150 crews was a friendly home regatta, run by upstream neighbors New Haven Rowing Club. And the weather was friendly too, as it has been all fall. 
   Great conditions meant great racing, with some small boat rowing (1x and 2-s) preceding the big eights and the fours. As there were no lightweight categories, the Y150 took on heavyweight competition, and the team was able to find out more about racing over the longer 5k distance. 
   The eights finished first, third, and sixth, and the fours finished second, fourth, fifth, and seventh overall. The novice eight acquitted itself well, finishing sixth.
   Also noticeable for their, um, spirit were four alumni lightweight eights, who threw down just like old times. 
   Full results here.

Ned DelGuercio is the new assistant coach
(July 18) As the new season approaches in 2013, with freshmen now eligible for the first time for varsity competition in men's rowing, the Y150 will also have a new leader in the Pew Bay at the Gilder Boathouse. Ned DelGuercio from St. Joe's Prep, Rutgers, and the U.S. National team has been named by head coach Andy Card to the Y150 staff. 
   Ned, a good friend and coxswain of 3-year Y150 freshman coach Colin Farrell, will join the team immediately. For more information, the full press release is here.
   "The Y150 just seems to get one terrific assistant coach after another in our boat bay. I was sad to see Coach Farrell go, but I am happy for him too, and grateful for his dedication to us while he lived a two-city marriage. I'm also grateful for his help in finding his own replacement, a personal friend, terrific coxswain, and dynamic coach as well in Ned" said head coach Andy Card. "The Farrell era closes, the DelGuercio era opens, and the Y150 rolls on." 

Third's the word
(June 2) Given the multitude of unplanned personnel changes during this turbulent 2012 season, the IRA edition of the Y150 varsity came up big today to get back on the podium with a bronze medal in Camden.        
  Congratulations are certainly due to the gold and silver medallists Harvard and Dartmouth respectively.
In the end, Yale just could not establish a consistent line-up and set about finding the speed to get ahead of the Crimson and Big Green this year. Still, the crew finished on a solid note, and improved one place from their Sprints finish. 
   The top three at the IRA this year were the same three as 2011, although for Yale, by the end of the 2012 there were only two oarsmen and the cox remaining from the 2011 national champions.
   The lightweight four finished fourth in the Grand Final, and the Varsity four finished 12th overall. 
   And so we bid goodbye and godspeed to the Y150 Class of 2012 who raced at the IRA:
Captain Dave Walker
coxswain Emma McBurney
Chad Bailey
Skylar Prill
Daniel Ribas

The Jope's all Yale
(May 13) Yup, the Jope Cup for overall team supermacy in the EARC is now back in the Elm City, as Yale's three Jope Cup crews amassed enough points for a 5-point Jope Cup win over Harvard and Princeton, who tied with 29 points apiece. 
   The #1-ranked freshmen started the day by winning their heat, and then had a ripping good final in the afternoon to win the Gary Kilpatrick Cup, leading all the way despite strong challenges from Princeton and Harvard. All three crews separated  themselves from the rest of the field with the heated competition. 
   The #1-ranked 2V, not to be outdone by their own freesh, capped off their season with a Cornell Trophy championship, leading virtually the whole way for a 1.98 second victory over silver medal Cornell.  
   The 3V race was a final-only, and the Eli raced hard and well, but did not have the varsity-caliber power of first-place Cornell, finishing 5th.
   The fifth-ranked varsity qualified in the morning in the third position, ensuring an invitation to the IRA in June. That was task one. The second was to race hard and get enough Jope points to push Yale over the top and take the Cup home. Their fourth-place finish was enough, and for Captain Dave Walker '12 and the team, it was task complete.
   Congratulations to the Harvard varsity lightweight eight on a great season, and congratulations to all Y150s racing and representing today:

1V: cox Emma McBurney '12, stroke Matt O'Donoghue '14, 7-seat Matt Bridgwater '14, 6-seat Dave Walker '12, 5-seat Tom Swartz '13, 4-seat David Kahan '12, 3-seat Peter Bridgwater '14, 2-seat Josh Ruck '13, bow William Ferraro '13.

cox Ilana Usiskin '14, stroke Chad Bailey '12, 7-seat Joseph Hanlon '14, 6-seat David Bloom '13 , 5-seat Patrick O'Keefe'13, 4-seat Christopher Vasseur '13, 3-seat Daniel Ribas '12, 2-seat Michael Glenmullen '13, bow Skylar Prill '12.

cox Kimaya Abreu '15, stroke Greg Hawkins '15, 7-seat Andrew Todd '15, 6-seat Jack Welsh '15, 5-seat Walker Wulbern '15, 4-seat Alex Spaulding '15, 3-seat Matt Cecil '15, 2-seat Chris Mulvey '15, bow Brandon Blaesser '15.

cox Paige Fedon '12, stroke Scott Isaac '13, 7-seat Chris Pang '14, 6-seat Mikko Salovaara '14, 5-seat John Harringa '14, 4-seat Philip Morel '14, 3-seat Adin Lykken '14, 2-seat Cameron Best '13, bow seat Johnathan Yao '15.

2V and 1F complete undefeated regular seasons with HYP victories
(April 28) Two #1 ranked crews showed today why they deserved the top seed for the EARC Sprints, but one #1 was toppled here on the very fast Housatonic River in Derby. In brisk tailwind conditions, the Yale 2V completed its season with a strong win over Princeton and Harvard, while the Yale freshmen, in a classic HYP battle between three unbeaten squads, emerged from the scrape and across the finish line first.
   In the Goldthwait Cup, it was Harvard for the third year in a row, with Princeton second and Yale third.  
   The 3V also fell to Harvard but finished ahead of Princeton, who had two heavyweights in the squad due to injury. 
   The Vogel Cup, donated in honor of long-time Yale lightweight coach David H. Vogel '71 by alumni and friends, is a points trophy nearly unique in that it includes the results from all 5 races in the regatta, not just the Jope Cup races. Harvard won the Cup, with 35 points to Yale's 28 and Princeton's 21.
    The next regatta for the Elis will be the EARC Sprints on May 13 on Lake Quinsigamond.

3 Blue, 1 Green

(April 21) The Yale Lightweights went north to Hanover today, and came back with three wins out of four, but could not return the Durand Cup to Derby in the varsity race. The 1F led off the regatta with a good performance in a decent but not overpowering headwind, followed by the 2V with a similar row over their Big Green counterparts. The varsity race saw a talented Dartmouth crew handle nearly everything about the race better than the Eli, who suffered their first defeat of the 2012 campaign. The 3V 4+s were next, and the Yale 'A' four emerged on top of that contest, defeating both Dartmouth and Yale 'B'.

(April 13) The Yale Lightweights spent the whole day racing in New Jersey, and came back home with the Dodge Cup over Columbia and Penn in the morning and a victory over Cornell in the afternoon. 
   The Dodge Cup races were held for the first time at Overpeck Lake just over the George Washington Bridge, and the venue proved mostly friendly to the Elis, as the 1V, 2V, and 1F all won. A great battle in the 3V race saw Yale lead the whole way by about a length, only to suffer an over-the-head crab in the last 250 meters which opened the door for Penn's crew. The Elis could not recover, and Penn took advantage for the win.
   The varsity and junior varsity races were hard fought and well rowed events, with Columbia and Yale locked together for much of the race, each crew either unable to move away from or unable to move through the other. In the end, on this day, it was Yale who crossed this finish line first.
   After a great lunch in Overpeck Park, the team headed to Lake Carnegie to take on the Big Red of Cornell, who had beaten Princeton in the morning to take the Platt Cup. After a dominating performance by Cornell's 3V, the rest of the day was Blue, as the freesh won by 2.3 seconds, the 2V by 3.2 seconds, and the varsity by 5.4 seconds.
1V    Yale 5:48.1   Cornell 5:53.5

2V    Yale 5:50.2   Cornell 5:53.4

1F    Yale 5:57.0    Cornell 5:59.3

3V    Cornell 6:00.8    Yale 6:28.

Victory and Bust
(April 7) The Yale Lightweights came off the Charles River elated with their sweep of the Joy Cup and a hard-fought win over Georgetown in the varsity race, but elation turned to surprise then tragedy then farce as Will Zeng '11 and his Oxford teammates contended with a bizarre re-start and then a clash with Cambridge that left Oxford with only 7 able oarsmen and an interminable denouement that meant a Cambridge win and enough fodder for argument to last until next year's Boat Race. 
   On the American shore, the lower boats from Yale posted victories. The 2V bested Georgetown, and the 1F and 4+ won their races over both Georgetown and M.I.T.
   The varsity race between Yale and the #3 Hoyas was close for the full distance on a Charles River that started the morning gently but then kicked up a headwind as the sun rose higher. For unofficial results, click here.

Y150 sweeps Johnson Cup
(March 31) The Yale lightweights opened their spring season today on the neutral waters of Carnegie Lake against Navy. The 9th edition of the Johnson Cup rivalry with Navy was all Yale Blue today as the Bulldogs won all four races of the regatta. The 3V started things off with the closest race of the day, besting their Navy counterparts as well as the Navy 2F. The freesh then faced their first race as Elis, and they responded with a great effort to lead the race from the get-go. A Navy crab in the 2nd thousand helped increase the Yale lead to a final margin of 25 seconds. The 2V race was a hard-fought contest, with Yale taking a length lead early and pushing that out to a 4.15 second win. But winning the Johnson Cup was foremost on Y150 minds, and it would take a good row from start to finish to bring the Johnson Cup back to New Haven for the 5th time in 9 years. The Elis got that good effort, and an near-9-second win was the result. This was Yale's biggest margin of victory ever in Johnson Cup competition, and the largest since 2008. 
   Next week the Bulldogs travel to Cambridge to race M.I.T. and Georgetown. 

William Zeng '11 is the two-seat of the Oxford Blue Boat
-- shocking development on the scale --
    Will, we hardly know ye at 82.4 kg

(March 5) The crews for the 2012 Boat Race were named today in London. Y150 Will Zeng '11, a member of the Yale lightweight eight that won the 2011 national championship, and attending Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, has been named to the two-seat of the Blue Boat. Will has two teammates who weigh less than his 82.4 kg, although that's no surprise, as we now know where the purloined jars of Nutella went on the Henley trip.


Alexander Capelluto
Yale Class of 2008
1986 - 2006

Beloved friend and teammate

Merrit Parkway

2002 Varsity trophies & shirts

T. Jones v. V. Brisby -- now that's a hit

Nice afro

1979 win at Sprints


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