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Did You Know?
The rowing experience at Yale has been significant for many athletes. Anumber of graduates have chosen coaching as their professions. Joel Furtek '90 is head coach of women's rowing at UNC, Amy Appleton '95 and Georgia Crowley '95 are assistant women's coaches at Wisconsin and Cal-Berkeley respectively. Jay Printzlau '76 Howard Runyon '79, Chip Campbell '86, Chris Tolsdorf '91 and Garrison Smith '95 are all involved with coaching at the high school level.


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Where Are They Now?
1979 was a memorable year for Yale crews. The heavyweights swept the EARC Sprints, the lightweight varsity won at Worcester as well, and the woman became EAWRC Champions on their way to winning the National Championships.

Here are some vivid images of those winners.

Alumni Animated 

These athletes are planning a celebration on sunday morning of the reunion weekend in New Haven this spring. Contact Matt Broder in Hamden CT at (203) 281-7602 for details of the celebration.

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