Yale University Resource Office on Disabilities
Flowers and windows

Hillhouse Avenue Area
including Health Services and Science Hill

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AKW A .K. Watson Hall, 51 Prospect St
CMI Collection of Musical Instruments, 15 Hillhouse Ave
CPP Central Power Plant, 18 Ashmun St
D Com Donaldson Commons, 140 Prospect St
NRH New Residence Hall, 100 Tower Pkwy
SPL Sloane Physics Laboratory, 217 Prospect St
SSS Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall, Grove and Prospect Streets
YCC Yale Computer Center, 175 Whitney Ave
UHSC University Health Services Center, 17 Hillhouse Ave
WGS Whitney Grove Square, 2 Whitney Ave

87 Trumbull 89 Trumbull School of Management 56 Hillhouse 52 Hillhouse 433 Temple Mason Lab 405 Temple 109 Grove 370 Temple 1 Hillhouse Helen Hadley Hall 24 Trumbull 88 Trumbull 442 Temple 4324 to 434 Temple 85 Trumbull 27 Hillhouse 31 Hillhouse 35 Hillhouse 37 Hillhouse President's House 51 Hillhouse 158 Whitney Horchow Hall Luce Hall 46 Hillhouse Admissions 30 Hillhouse 28 Hillhouse 77 Prospect Kirtland Dunham Lab Leet Oliver Davies Becton 181 Whitney 175 Whitney 155 Whitney Peabody Museum Kline Geology Lab Gibbs Lab 254 Prospect Investment Office Kline Biology Tower Pierson Sage Power Plant Sage Hall Osborn Labs 124 Prospect 140 Prospect 70 Sachem 80 Sachem Ingalls Rink Hammond Hall Mudd Library 100 Sachem Payne Whitney Gym 28-32 Ashmun 20 Ashmun Central Power Plant Whitney Grove Center A.K. Watson Hall Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall Collection of Musical Instruments University Health Services Center Sloane Physics Lab Donaldson Commons New Residence Hall 94 York Square Place 104 York Square Place 8 Prospect Place 4 Mansfield 221 Whitney 55 Whitney Environmental Science Center 210 Prospect Rose Center Police Station Malone Engineering Center