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Flowers and windows

Divinity School Area
including north end of Science Hill

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Div School Map 276 Prospect Kline Geology Lab Bass Center Gibbs Lab Kline Biology Tower Kline Chemistry Lab 301 Prospect Sterling Chemistry Lab Sage Hall Investment Office 254 Prospect 310 Prospect 314 Prospect 340 Edwards Wright Nuclear lab Greeley Lab Marsh Hall Sterling Divinity Quad Institute of Sacred Music Student Parking Facility Electron Accelerator Lab Marquand Chapel 221 Whitney International House Bellamy 350 Edwards Sloane Physics Laboratory Betts House 210 Prospect 380 Edwards Chemical Research Building 221 Whitney Parking Garage (To print this map, choose "Print" from the File menu.)

SDQ Sterling Divinity Quadrangle, 409 Prospect St
MARQ Marquand Chapel, 409 Prospect St
EAL Electron Accelerator Laboratory, 260 Whitney Ave
SPF Student Parking Facility, 260 Whitney Ave
SPL Sloane Physics Laboratory, 217 Prospect St