Renaissance Studies Program
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Students in the joint degree program will complete sixteen term courses. Eleven of these will be courses in English, of which five (including those normally cross-listed, such as Comparative Literature courses and the Renaissance Studies Core Course) will be in Renaissance literature. An additional five courses in Renaissance topics will be non-cross-listed courses from other departments.


Latin, Italian, and a second modern language, to be tested by the Renaissance Studies Program.

Oral Examination:

Nine nine-minute questions, including four Renaissance topics. An additional 30-minute portion, consisting of 2 15-minute questions in Renaissance Studies, on non-literary disciplines.


Coursework must be completed by the end of the fifth semester, orals by the end of the sixth semester, prospectus by the beginning (i.e. September) of the seventh semester.


Procedures will follow departmental practice, with chapter submission dates to be modified according to the timetable above, and with at least one reader to come from the Renaissance Studies Executive Committee