Renaissance Studies Program
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Renaissance Studies Course Listing 2013-2014

Please note that course numbers listed with an “a” are offered in the fall term and those with a “b” are offered in the spring term.

Please check the Yale Online Course Information web site at to make sure that the courses you are interested in are still being offered and that the times have not changed.


CLSS 899a/CPLT 591        Vergil's Aeneid

Chistina Kraus , David Quint


REL 734        Reformation History

Bruce Gordon


ENGL 552a      Spenser and the sixteenth Century

Catherine Nicholson  

ENGL 602a      Making Shakespeare

David Kastan

ENGL 672b      Milton

John Rogers

ENGL 713a      Swift

Claude Rawson


FREN 830a      L'École de Lyon et la Pléiade

Edwin Duval

FREN 854b      Corneille et Racine

Christopher Semk


HIST 579a/RLST 579        Popular Religion in Europe, 1300-1700

Carlos Eire

HIST 590b       Jews in Muslim Lands from the Seventh to Sixteenth Century

Ivan Marcus

HIST 596a       History of the Jews and Their Diasporas to Early Modern Times

Ivan Marcus

HIST 601b       The Jews in Medieval Societies

Ivan Marcus

HIST 617a       Britain:  Modernity and Empire

Steven Pincus

HIST 619a       Readings in the Social and Economic History of Britain, 1500-1750

Keith Wrightson

HIST 628b       Microhistories

Keith Wrightson

HIST 680a       Russian History to 1725

Paul Bushkovitch

HIST 860a       The Middle East from 600 to 1517:  From Medina to Constantinople

Adel Allouche

History of Art

HSAR 601b      The Replicated Image

Christopher Wood

HSAR 602a      Gift,Object, Presence: The Circulation of Precious Things in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

Robert Nelson

HSAR 667b      Renaissance Florence

Joost Keizer


ITAL 716a        Boccaccio’s Decameron

Giuseppe Mazzotta

ITAL 920b        Petrarch's Worlds

Giuseppe Mazzotta

Renaissance Studies

RNST 500a/ITAL 600a       The Renaissance Studies in Italy

David Quint

RNST 500b/CPLT 101b       Intro to Renaissance Studies

Bruce Gordon and Lawrence Manley

Spanish & Portuguese

SPAN 529b      Italo-Hispanic Neoplatonism

Susan Byrne

SPAN 660b      Cervantes's Don Quijote

Roberto González Echevarría

SPAN 661a      Cervantes's Novelas Ejemplares: An Anniversary Reading

Roberto González Echevarría

SPAN 850a      The Literary Worlds of El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega

Rolena Adorno