Renaissance Studies Program
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Alphabetical listing: The names below link to a personal faculty page with details about areas of expertise and contact information.

Rolena Adorno Reuben Post Halleck Professor Spanish & Portuguese

Emily Bakemeier Deputy Provost for the Humanities

Leslie Brisman Karl Young Professor of English

Paul Bushkovitch Professor of History

Susan Byrne Assistant Professor of Spanish

Angela Capodivacca Assistant Professor of Italian

Judith Colton Professor Emeritus History of Art

Edwin Duval Professor of French

Carlos Eire T. Lawrence Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies

Roberta Frank Douglas Tracy Smith Professor of English

Paul Freedman Chester D. Tripp Professor of History

Roberto González Echevarría Sterling Professor of Hispanic and Comparative Literature

Bruce Gordon Titus Street Professor of Ecclesiastical History

Emily Greenwood Professor of Classics

Karsten Harries Howard H. Newman Professor of Philosophy

K. David Jackson Professor of Spanish & Portuguese

Maija Jansson Research Affiliate History

David Scott Kastan George M Bodman Professor of English

Joost Keizer Assistant Professor of the History of Art

Christina S. Kraus Thomas A. Thatcher Professor of Latin

Lawrence Manley William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of English

John F. Matthews John M. Schiff Professor of Classics & History

Giuseppe Mazzotta Sterling Professor of Humanities for Italian

Mary Miller Dean of Yale College, Sterling Professor of History of Art

Alastair Minnis Douglas Tracy Smith Professor of English

Robert Nelson Robert Lehman Professor History of Art

Catherine Nicholson Assistant Professor of English

Steven Pincus Bradford Durfee Professor of History

David Quint Sterling Professor of Comparative Literature and English

John Rogers Professor of English

Ellen Rosand George A. Saden Professor of Music

Christopher Semk Assistant Professor of French

Francesca Trivellato Frederick W. Hilles Professor of History

Brian Walsh Assistant Professor of English

Christopher Wood Professor of History of Art

Keith Wrightson Randolph W. Townsend Jr. Professor of History