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Only candidates for the Ph.D. are accepted.  Master's degrees (M.A. and M.Phil.) are only awarded en route to the Ph.D.

Application should be made to Renaissance Studies, with an indication that the candidate also seeks admission to an additional department of concentration, for the combined degree in Renaissance Studies: Classics, Comparative Literature, English, French, History, History of Art, Italian, Music, or Spanish and Portuguese.

Basic admission details:
The deadline for applications is January 1. Graduate Record Examination -- Verbal and Mathematical scores -- required. Applicants should submit a research or critical paper.

Since a minimum of three languages is required in Renaissance Studies, fluency in at least one–or preferably two– is necessary in order to apply for admission.  Normally Latin and Italian are the required languages; a third language will vary according to departmental requirements and students’ interests.  In some cases, students may petition to substitute Italian with another language, but no exceptions will be made for Latin.

It is highly recommended –but not required-- that all applicants get in touch with at least one Yale faculty member in their prospective department of concentration before the application is submitted, preferably before December, to explore the correspondence between the program and the student’s interests, and to handle all questions not clearly answered by this web site or our printed catalogue.  To get in touch with the appropriate faculty, consult our list, and establish contact by email.

Application Instructions:
Applications to the Graduate School can only be made on-line, through the Graduate School admissions office website. 

The electronic application form requires that you indicate a Proposed Program of Study.  Since Renaissance Studies is always combined with another department, and all applications must be sent to two places, you need to take the right steps to ensure that your application is handled correctly.

In the Proposed Program of Study page, you will see the following:

Step 1: Proposed Program of Study: Make your selection from the choices displayed in the drop down box. Application may be made to only one department or program at the Graduate School as the proposed Program of Study.

Step: 3 Additional Program Information: Please assure that you select the appropriate combined degree.

All applicants to Renaissance Studies may choose “Renaissance Studies” either in Step One or Step Three.

Additional information is available at Application Instructions

Admission Procedures:
The Graduate School will automatically send your full application – including all letters of recommendation, essays, and writing samples-- to two locations: Renaissance Studies, and your chosen department of concentration.  The application will then be read by the appropriate admissions committee in both locations.  This means that no one can be admitted into Renaissance Studies without also being admitted by their chosen department of concentration. In essence, it means you have to be admitted by two committees. 

Admission for students already at Yale:
If you are uncertain about pursuing the combined degree in Renaissance Studies at the time you apply for admission to the Graduate School, you still have a chance to join Renaissance Studies once you have been accepted, during your first year (preferably during fall term). Entering Renaissance Studies during your first year does not require another application to the Graduate School. This is an internal application, handled through the program. Interested students are asked to contact the Director of Graduate Studies in Renaissance Studies.

All students admitted to the Yale Graduate School receive generous financial aid, which includes a full tuition fellowship, plus a twelve-month living stipend, and fellowships for summer language study.

For information on additional sources of funding at Yale, please visit Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Office of Financial Aid.

Inquiries about the Renaissance Studies Ph. D. Program may be addressed to:

Renaissance Studies Program
P.O. Box 208298
New Haven, CT 06520-8298


For Admissions information please contact:

The Office of Graduate Admission
P.O. Box 208323
New Haven, CT 06520-8323
(203) 432-2771