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Annual Seminar

The Seminar on Religion in the American West at the American Academy of Religion is a five-year seminar meeting for one session during each of the AAR annual meetings from 2008 through 2012. For more information about the Seminar, please contact the co-chairs.

Atlanta, 2010
Seminar on Religion in the American West

Presider, Jane Naomi Iwamura, University of Southern California

Travis Ross, University of Nevada, Reno
“Sectionalism in California’s Religious Periodicals: Place in Religious Rhetoric”

Jonathan William Olson, Florida State University
“Not Merely Asiatic but Pagan: Religion, Chinese Exclusion, and the American West”

Brett Hendrickson, Arizona State University
“Mexican-American Religious Healing and the American Spiritual Marketplace”

Barry Alan Joyce, University of Delaware
“Creating an Axis Mundi in the American Southwest: Religion, Science and the Sacred at Chaco Culture National Historical Park”

Respondent, Tisa Wenger, Yale University Divinity School

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--Last updated: May 4, 2010

Montreal, 2009
Imagining Territories: Land and Regional Identity in Colorado and Kansas

Cara Burnidge, Florida State University
"Conquest, Freedom, and Redemption: Kansans' Identity as the Nation's Spiritual 'Tuning Fork'"

Brandi Denison, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Ponies, Plows, and Possibilities: Land in American Religious History"

Kathleen Holscher, Villanova University
Syllabus: "Religion along the American Frontier"

Quincy Newell, University of Wyoming
Syllabus: "Religion in the American West"

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Chicago, 2008
Framing Issues in the Study of Religion in the American West

Sara Patterson, Hanover College
Rudy V. Busto, University of California, Santa Barbara
William Deverell, University of Southern California

Philip K. Goff, Indiana University and Purdue University, Indianapolis


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