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Yale University's Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics coordinates interdisciplinary research and significantly supplements undergraduate and graduate curricular offerings. The aims of the project also reach beyond Yale to the general development of the discipline of bioethics and sharing the University’s commitment to serve the local, national, and international communities in addressing bioethical questions of urgent importance to all humankind.

Saint Thomas More Chapel is the Catholic Chapel and Center at Yale University. In addition to serving as a center for the Catholic community at Yale, Saint Thomas More offers a variety of fellowships and lectures that bring distinguished speakers to the Chapel. Refer to the main page for a list of upcoming events at the Chapel that relate to religion, science and technology.

There are a number of Yale University courses related to religion and science. Here are a few that will be offered in the Spring 2009 semester:

PHIL 326 - The Philosophy of Religion - Gregory Ganssle

PHIL 452 / PHIL 652 - Biology, Evolution, & Culture - Jonathan Gilmore

PLSC 281 / RLST 273 / RLST 865 - Moral, Religious, & Social Issues in Bioethics - David Smith

REL 877 / RLST 282 / RLST 873 - American Indian Religions & Ecology - Mary Tucker, John Grim