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Plasmids for split fluorescent protein assembly assays are available through Addgene.

Split GFP:
Negative control: pET11a-link-NGFP, pMRBAD-link-CGFP
Positive control: pET11a-Z-NGFP, pMRBAD-Z-CGFP

These plasmids may only be used for not-for-profit academic research.
The underlying technology is covered by U.S. Patent (6,780,599) assigned to Yale University
and exclusively licensed to BioImage A/S, Soeborg, Denmark. Please contact them for commercial applications.

Split mCherry:
Negative control: pNAS1B N-link/link-C
Positive control*: pNAS1B N-ME(pS)VD/TRAP(RK)-C
* Only a positive control when co-expressed with B40 OTS or related plasmids
See Sawyer et al. for more information.
Can be used as a weak positive control if necessary, does not require the B40 OTS.
Duet plasmid containing PBAD and PLtetO promoters, base vector for split mCherry constructs
Contains GFP under the control of PBAD and mCherry under the control of PLtetO


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