Yale - Ukraine Initiative: Monthly Speaker Series 

Spring 1997

  • Monday, Apr 7 :

  • "Reform, Russia, Europe: the Strategic Context of Ukraine-NATO Relations" 
    Dr. Sherman Garnett, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 
    4:00pm, Luce Hall, Room TBA
  • Thursday, Mar 27 :

  • "The Donbas and Ukrainian Nation-Building: A Historical Perspective" 
    Dr. Hiroaki Kuromiya, Department of History, Indiana University at Bloomington 
    4:00pm, Luce Hall, Room 203 

Fall 1996

  • Oxana Zabuzhko, poet, Kyiv 

Spring 1996

  • Thursday, Feb 29 :

  • "Independent Ukraine and International Security" 
    Colonel Volodymyr Havrylov, Military Attache to the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC