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Tap 2007!    Rush 2008 is finally over, and it was a great one! Redhot & Blue is excited to welcome our tap class of 2008, who will join us in an exciting upcoming year. They are: Adam Begley, Hannah Loeb, Kalyan Ray-Mazumder, Melinda Paul, Mitchel Kawash, and Noah Bokat-Lindell.

   With upcoming tours of Texas, New York, and DC, and an international tour of Athens and the Greek Islands, it's a great time to be in Redhot. In the year to come, we will also record a studio album, perform with the Whiffenpoofs, and explore new group member-written arrangements such as “Zoot Suit Riot“, “Singin' in the Rain“, and “Hit the Road, Jack“.

   The audition process for a cappella can be a bit confusing, so let us be your guides. A cappella “rush” is a combination of auditions, concerts, and lots of good food, building up to the selection of the new tap class for each group. It’s a time to get to know the different a cappella groups on campus, both musically and personally, and decide which one is right for you.

   To learn more about Rush 2008, take a look around. Check out our Event Guide to find out more about how Rush works. Our FAQ section answers some of the most pressing questions of Rush. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our Rush Managers, Brady, Keiji, and Steven. They’ll be glad to help.


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