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Deconstructing the "Baby Veronica" Case: Implications for the Future of the Indian Child Welfare Act
Fighting for More Just and Transparent Financial and Extractive Sectors
Immigration Reform: Executive Action in the Wake of Congressional Inaction
Roper, Graham, Miller: What Now, What Next
Unpaid Labor, Experiential Learning, and Law School: The legal, economic, and policy implications of the unpaid internship critique for law students
The Fight to End Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia
Sex Work and the Law: Choice, Circumstance, and Coercion
Public Housing and Formerly Incarcerated People: Creatively Using Civil Rights Law to Support Successful Community Organizing
Perspectives on Education Law Reform
Reducing Gun Violence: Local Approaches
Progressive Action Through Local Governance
Roots, Shoots, and Buds: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives on the Intersection of Law and Agriculture
Disability Justice: New Approaches to an Age-Old Struggle
Radical Activists and the Lawyers Who Defend Them: Animal Rights Case Study
Law, Organizing & Economic Justice: Mobilizing Communities in Crisis
Money in Politics: Equality and Elections in the Era of Super PACS
Grassroots Organizing in Reproductive Justice
Feminist Resistance to the Drug War


Self-Care and Vicarious Trauma
Palestine Solidarity: How To Remain Active in Law School through Law Students for Justice in Palestine
Identity and Self-Defense
Training Across Differences: Identity Threat and Cross-Cultural Communication
Movement Lawyering: Sharpening Our Theory and Deepening Our Practice
National Lawyers' Guild Legal Observer Training


Dirty Wars