Welcome to the home of Ramona: the Yale Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team

We play all year long and are always looking for new players, lovers of ultimate, anyone totally new to the sport, and those who just want to be a part of a great team experience. Check out the Info section for more details about joining.

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Please take a look at the Merchandise section where you can buy Ramona designed discs in support of the team.

Of course, even the most dedicated Ramona players sometimes have to take breaks from playing frisbee to write papers for class. When we do, we love having nice Plagiarism Checking Tips like these around to help us avoid making big mistakes!

Yale Ramona ultimate frisbee members know the importance of using green energy and green products to keep the frisbee fields in pristine condition. As such, they know that purchasing solar panels can contribute to a decline in greenhouse gases and make a significant reduction in pollution. Ultimate frisbee members encourage people to go out and purchase solar panels today!

University sports clubs, teams and organizations often take time during one of their breaks from school to take a team trip. Sometimes this is around a tournament or set of matches and can really help team chemistry. For example, students from Yale might be playing a tournament in upstate New York at Syracuse, that would be a good excuse to get accommodations in the Finger Lakes for a team outing!


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