Welcome to the home of Ramona: the Yale Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team

We play all year long and are always looking for new players, lovers of ultimate, anyone totally new to the sport, and those who just want to be a part of a great team experience. Check out the Info section for more details about joining.

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Please take a look at the Merchandise section where you can buy Ramona designed discs in support of the team.

University sports clubs, teams and organizations often take time during one of their breaks from school to take a team trip. Sometimes this is around a tournament or set of matches and can really help team chemistry. For example, students from Yale might be playing a tournament in upstate New York at Syracuse, that would be a good excuse to get accommodations in the Finger Lakes for a team outing!

Ultimate Frisbee is becoming a very popular sport among college students and at college campuses. As such, other influences from sports training are integrating into the sport. One popular technique for a lot of sports is to rigidly structure training regiments around timed periods. If you are looking to outfit all of your team with watches, make sure you get quality watch bands to hold them in place.

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