Selin Courtyard Fountain, mid-1930s
Beatrix Jones Farrand (1872-1959; M.A.H. 1926)
Location: Selin Courtyard, Sterling Memorial Library

In the 1930s, Beatrix Farrand, consulting landscape gardener at Yale from 1922 to 1945, designed the landscaping and the fountain for what is now the Selin Courtyard in Sterling Memorial Library. She originally placed a small, tile-lined pool with a water jet at the center of the court, but later decided that an architectural type of fountain would be a more fitting focal point. After studying lead ornamental fountains in the United States and England, Farrand chose a small cistern design. She commissioned the London foundry H. Crowther Ltd., established in 1908 and still in business today, to make a fountain compounded from several of their old dies, in the ancient manner: the shape from one set, the medallions from another, and the numerals from still another. The four putti on dolphins were also cast from old molds. John W. Sterling, B.A. 1864, Bequest