Peace, Devotion, Memory, and Courage, 1913
Henry Hering (1874-1949)
Location: Memorial Hall

Henry Hering’s four allegorical sculptures punctuate the progression of names inscribed in the marble walls of Memorial Hall. Guarding a history of sacrifice in war by Yale graduates, these figures carved in high relief recall antique funerary statues to declare the timelessness of this mausoleum-like space. Dynamic crevices and profound shadows temper the rigid austerity of the cold marble bodies, connecting this monument stylistically to the work of Hering’s mentor, the celebrated turn-of-the-century American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The contrast of rippling drapery against smooth stone skin repeats the texture of neoclassical architecture, inviting touch and further integrating the vertical quartet, like fluted columns, into their built environment. Dedicated by the University to the men of Yale who gave their lives in the Civil War