Floating Helmets, 1965
Dimitri Hadzi (1921-2006)
Location: Jonathan Edwards College Courtyard

Dimitri Hadzi’s giant sculpture Floating Helmets breaks from the style of its bronze neighbors on Old Campus with a bold and evocative combination of representation and abstraction. Many of Hadzi’s works feature shield-like shapes or massive hemispheric helmet forms, which recall the caps of ancient warriors and pay tribute to the artist’s Greek heritage. Here the heavy dome atop spindly forms also resembles a turtle shell or mushroom cloud, opposing images of safety and destruction. The work’s mottled surfaces suggest the wear of age while echoing the impressionist texture of Auguste Rodin’s anguished figures in bronze. Size and scale make this work an emblem of transcendence, a battered artifact which seems to speak of a heroic past. Leonard C. Hanna, Jr., B.A. 1913, Fund, 1965