Corinth, 1963-66
Will Horwitt (1934-1985)
Location: Trumbull College Courtyard

Though made of shiny black bronze, Will Horwitt’s Corinth appears at first glance to be a precarious pile of rocks. The sculptor composed this abstract work as a collection of individuated shapes, working in a constructivist tradition to explore the relationship among objects rather than concentrating on a single unified form. The contrast of polished blocks against rough, grainy slabs heightens the feeling of tension and instability. The title, Corinth, evokes the ancient architectural ruins of that Greek city. It also suggests the modern Corinth Canal, a shipping channel whose high vertical walls, carved out of the rocky Greek landscape, resemble Horwitt’s long, black beams in proportion and texture. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shields, B.A. 1929, in 1967