Exceptional museum collections are the foundation of the public life of art at Yale, but the University’s commitment to art as a public trust does not end at the museum door. From the Old Campus to Science Hill, from Branford College to Memorial Hall, works of art sited in courtyards or plazas, lobbies or lecture halls, inspire reflection and offer aesthetic pleasure. Hallmarks of the remarkable cultural life of this institution, they lend a public face to Yale’s educational mission. The much beloved statue of Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale, Claes Oldenburg’s pop art icon Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks, and Maya Lin’s The Women’s Table are but three of the many treasures visible around the campus. We invite you to learn more about them on this Web site, and to visit them yourself using the self-guided tour available here.

Statement from the director of the Yale Art Gallery