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Yale E-Procurement Solution (SciQuest)

What is SciQuest?

SciQuest is Yale's online catalog and ordering solution. This electronic requisitioning tool helps you to quickly locate best pricing with our preferred suppliers, find an item available through the Yale stockrooms, compare products across suppliers and much more.

Why use SciQuest?

Photo courtesy of Yale Engineering Microelectronics Facility

Quick and easy for Faculty and Support Staff,

Lab Managers, Researchers

Reduces rework in Departmental

Business Offices


Increases institutional savings
for Yale University



11-30-10 Barnes & Noble Removed from SciQuest 11/30/10

11-7-10 SciQuest Version 10.3 Upgrade Enhancements

09-10-10Searching your SciQuest Purchase Requisition Just Got Easier!

08-03-10New Change PO Form

11-8-09 SciQuest Version 9.3 Upgrade Enhancements

07-26-09 SciQuest Version 9.2 Upgrade Enhancements

05-01-09 Apple Added to SciQuest as a Punchout Catalog!


“…the roll out of the SciQuest tool was the most painless implementation that I have worked on in recent years, so I offer thanks to you and your staff for all the hard work and planning that went into it.”