Standard Ordering Procedure

Suppliers on the Contract Listing may be accessed directly by departments without going through Purchasing Services.  Unless otherwise noted, this may be accomplished by phoning, faxing or placing an order via the Internet.   Be sure to:

1) Contact the vendor to confirm availability, pricing and delivering carrier.  Quote the Yale Contract Number or identify yourself as a Yale employee to obtain the discount if one has been negotiated with this supplier.

2) Give the supplier the following information: Correct VIP numbers or Yale Purchasing Card information Correct delivery address Catalog number and description of the item(s). Include the date or number of the catalog to ensure delivery of the correct item(s).

3) Invoices will be sent directly to Accounts Payable.  Any questions regarding contract orders should be directed to the Buyer that negotiated the contract.

NOTE: For some suppliers, the Customer Account Number designates a specific delivery address. Please confirm the number before contacting the vendor. Do not open a new Customer Account Number for other addresses. If a new account number is needed, contact the respective Buyer of the commodity.


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