The Yale Typeface
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Features of Yale Street & Yale Street Aligning Figures

The Yale Street font includes roman upper- and lowercase characters; there is no italic version of the font. It has the following designed features:

1. To promote legibility at a distance, the font is drawn with much more lowercase letter spacing than would be appropriate for print applications.

2. The font is drawn with the assumption that the letters will appear white “dropped out” of dark blue. In addition, the characters are adjusted to ensure that despite rendition in porcelain enamel, details will be preserved and all strokes will appear to be of intended thickness.

3. The characters are substantially narrower than the Yale print roman fonts. This permits the face to “fit” efficiently despite the additional character spacing.

Please contact John Gambell in the Office of the Yale University Printer if you wish to discuss using this font for purposes other than official Yale exterior signs.