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Features of Yale Design Italic

Yale Design Italic is designed to support Yale design professionals in their efforts to make the life and work of the University visible to a broad range of audiences. This font has the following features:

1. Yale Design Italic has a full set of ligatures—ff, ffi, ffl, fi, and fl—with the special advantage that all of them are accessible in the Design Italic layout, precluding the need to resort to an “expert” font. On a Mac keyboard, ff is “option =”; ffi is “option 5”; ffl is “shift option =”; fi is “shift option 5”; and fl is “shift option 6.” (Refer to the Insert Symbol palette in Word to access these ligatures on a PC keyboard.) You must use the ligatures in this font to create proper typesetting. However, when setting text with many diacritical marks, we recommend that as necessary you substitute the YaleAdmin-Italic lowercase f, which is designed not to collide with accents.

2. The various dashes—hyphen, em-dash, and en-dash—are sized and spaced so that no further adjustment is necessary. They should be set as they come, with no extra spaces before or after.

Additional Info

This font comes with old-style figures because that is the standard for high-quality text typography. Aligning figures are available in the YaleAdmin-Italic font when needed for tabular work or when setting with all-cap material.

For additional guidance regarding the use of this font or for design or typographic advice, please contact John Gambell in the Office of the Yale University Printer.