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Features of Yale Administrative Italic

Yale Administrative Italic is designed to support non-designers in their typesetting roles. While using Yale Administrative Italic cannot in itself ensure good typesetting, it has, like its companion face, a number of features that can help.

1. The font has a “non-colliding” lowercase f, which means that the f will not tangle with the lowercase characters i, l, or k, and that it will also keep clear of all accent marks. Therefore, the painstaking use of ligatures—combined ff, ffi, ffl, fi, and fl characters that gracefully address these collisions—is no longer necessary (or possible) in this font.

One of the big advantages of setting without ligatures is that text can go directly into HTML without the need to search for and replace the ligatures (which otherwise appear as blanks in most browsers) with the individual characters.

2. The various dashes—hyphen, em-dash, and en-dash—are sized and spaced so that no adjustment is necessary. They should be set exactly as they come, with no extra spaces before or after.

Additional Info

This font comes with aligning figures (numbers) because that is the expectation for most administrative work. Old-style (nonaligning) figures are available in the “Design” versions of the typeface.

For additional guidance regarding the use of this font or for design or typographic advice, please contact John Gambell in the Office of the Yale University Printer.