By downloading the Yale typeface software (the Typeface) you agree to the following:

1. You agree to use the Typeface and its component fonts for Yale University projects only. Yale projects include print, Web, or video graphic communications emanating from Yale University, its academic and administrative departments and offices, and officially recognized student organizations.

2. You agree not to give or allow the Typeface to be used by non-Yale individuals or organizations for non-Yale purposes. You will apprise service bureaus, design firms, and all other subcontractors who have your authorization to use the Typeface for Yale projects, that this agreement applies to them, and that their use of the Typeface is limited to the Yale project at hand and that they may not further distribute the Typeface without written authorization from the Office of the Yale University Printer.

3. Note that the Typeface may in the course of normal use be “embedded” in PDF (Portable Document Format) files. This may permit unauthorized reconstruction of the Typeface software, which is a breach of our license with Carter & Cone, the designer of the Typeface. You agree to be aware of this possibility and to use discretion when distributing PDF files that embed the Yale Typeface.

4. Note that the Typeface is a core component of Yale University’s visual “brand,” and that its benefits to Yale and to its departments, offices, programs, and affiliated organizations depend substantially upon the skill, experience, and thoughtfulness of the designer and typesetter of each project. Therefore, with this understanding you agree to seek design and production consultation as needed regarding the effective use of the Typeface from the Office of the Yale University Printer.

5. You agree that the following uses, among other similar uses implied by the foregoing agreement, are not permitted: sale or licensing of the Typeface; alteration of the Typeface or any of its component fonts or features; use by Yale students, faculty, staff, community members, alumni, contractors, and others for non-Yale personal, business, or professional activities; distribution to non-Yale personnel for any purpose except authorized use on behalf of Yale University.