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Stationery and business cards

University stationery and business cards are typeset and printed on watermarked paper by Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS). This Yale watermarked paper is only available through YPPS, and YPPS is the sole authorized supplier of typesetting and printing of stationery and cards. Yale University Library has chosen to adhere across all of its units to one of the two formatting options available in the Yale Identity System.

This version (below) is the preferred Library business card format:

Library business card format.

If the card information exceeds the space available, we recommend this version:

Library business card format.

The Yale Library does not use these other Yale business card formats:

Library business card format.

Yale Library wordmarks

In accordance with President Levin’s directive that Yale organizations use the approved identity system and create no new logos, Yale Printing and Publishing Services will construct wordmarks for your Library organization based on the official, approved template. Contact Barbara Voiges at YPPS to have new wordmarks created. Please see the appropriate section of the Yale University Identity Web site for full explanation of the Yale wordmark system. If questions remain, please contact Rebecca Martz or John Gambell in the Office of the University Printer.

Below are the official wordmarks used on stationery for the Yale University Library, the seven Libraries with “stand-alone” wordmarks, and the wordmark for the Preservation Department. This last example demonstrates the wordmark format that should be used as the heading for stationery by all other Library departments and entities.

Library wordmarks.

Download files for the main Yale Library wordmark