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Planning and producing Library communications

Best practices

All communications projects, large or small, benefit from adherence to "best practices." Please follow the publication procedures outlined by the University identity guidelines site. Contact the University Printer or the Library's Director of Communications if you have questions about publications procedures or wish to discuss options as you plan communications projects.


An element of Yale publications projects is to identify stakeholders and to obtain guidance and approvals at critical checkpoints. The Yale University Library's Director of Communications is responsible for the effectiveness of all Library publications. Any communications that represent the Library to the Yale community—students, faculty, and staff— or to external audiences— including friends and donors— must be reviewed and approved in advance of publication, and preferably early in the planning process, by the Director of Communications.

YPPS Self Service for stationery and cards

The home page of this Web site lists a number project types. Among these are stationery and cards. As these items must follow the University's approved format, Library staff should work directly with Yale Printing and Publishing Services to typeset and print these items. YPPS is the only authorized supplier for Yale stationery and cards. The Director of Communications need not be contacted in regard to these items unless unusual questions or concerns arise.

Design and production resources

Yale Printing and Publishing Services is a dependable and cost effective source of design and publications services to the Yale community. In addition there are excellent print and Web graphic designers, as well as first-rate printers and Web producers available in the region. The Library's Director of Communications and the Yale University Printer recognize that choosing the best set of options among these several possibilities can be challenging. They are available to help, in whatever context is most convenient for you, to make these choices effectively.