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Yale University & Yale Library visual identity

Yale University Library contributes to and benefits from Yale’s institutional reputation for excellence. This reputation is evoked for our constituencies and audiences through consistent and thoughtful application of our logo, wordmarks, and identity touchstones—the University’s visual brand. In other words, we have a shared investment in looking like Yale University’s Library, and this site provides the tools and procedural guidance you need to build and preserve that investment.

This Web site, prepared and maintained by the Library’s Director of Communications in cooperation with the Office of the University Printer, provides an overview of the coordinated Yale and Library visual identities as well as guidelines for using the key graphic elements of that brand.

While printed publications remain an important component of Library communications, this site addresses branding and design for the full range of media, with guidelines applicable to signage, the Web, social media, video, and slide presentations.

Yale University institutional identity guidelines

In brief, Yale’s visual identity strategy is based on requiring consistent use of the Yale logo or official wordmarks in all publications in all media, and strongly recommending the use of four additional touchstones:

Detailed information and directions for implementing these requirements and touchstones are outlined in the Yale University Identity Web site. The institutional Yale Identity touchstones, as presented on that site apply to all Yale Library publications as well. However, several significant Library-specific extensions to the University standards should be noted.

Yale University Library identity


In accordance with President Levin’s directive that Yale organizations use the approved identity system and create no new logos, Yale Printing and Publishing Services will construct wordmarks for your Library organization based on the official, approved template. Certain wordmarks have been created (see wordmarks section). Contact Barbara Voiges at YPPS to have new wordmarks created. Please see the appropriate section of the Yale University Identity Web site for full explanation of the Yale wordmark system. If questions remain, please contact Rebecca Martz or John Gambell in the Office of the University Printer.

Further information and download files for the Yale Library wordmark.


The Yale typeface is the first choice for Library publications. Depending on practical constraints and preferences, Georgia, The Sans, and Helvetica (see the CSSSI poster above) are also suitable. The Yale typeface may be downloaded from yale.edu network computers with a Yale net id and password.


While the Library uses the array of “Yale Colors,” several colors have been identified as possible complements to the established Yale palette. Examples include, but are not limited to, vibrant oranges and yellows that are reinforced by the Library front door. Such colors have also been used effectively in several posters, as in the examples below.

Pantone 645, the blue-gray used in the construction of official Yale wordmarks, is frequently employed for type and backgrounds in Library communications (see the welcome poster below). Some of the saturated accent colors in Library publications have come to be associated, by repeated use, with particular Yale libraries. For example, the use of cyan has become linked with CSSSI events (as shown below).

Example poster. Example poster.
Example poster. Example poster.

A library-specific color palette has emerged from the design of the library overview brochure series and other publications. For printed materials, key spot (Pantone) colors used and their corresponding library include:

  • Beinecke Library: PMS Red 032
  • CSSSI: PMS 1215 and Cyan
  • Divinity Library: PMS 1805
  • Haas Family Arts Library: PMS 144
  • Lewis Walpole Library: PMS 704
Pantone color example chips.

(Please note that colors on screen are only an approximation of the
correct printed color.)