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Description of affiliation

Yale University has become a complex institution, operating in a wide spectrum of fields through its numerous schools, departments, programs, and offices. Spelling out each organization’s role and institutional connection helps our audiences to build a clear, practical understanding of the University.


In cases where it would not be obvious to your audiences, publications should include a sentence or two identifying the organization within Yale University responsible for the publication, and describing that organization’s affiliation with Yale and its mission.

This information can appear within the text of the document or in the front or back matter.


This is a publication of the Office of the Yale University Printer.


This publication is produced by the Office of the Yale University Printer, a division of the Office of the Secretary. The Office of the University Printer determines graphic standards for Yale University publications, both in print and on the Web, and is responsible for annual publication of the Bulletin [course catalogues] of Yale University.

Old Campus
Yale in the nineteenth century steadily expanded beyond its original confines of a single city block, the area now called “Old Campus.” The original college has also grown to be a university comprising fourteen schools and many more departments, offices, centers, and programs. One challenge to those issuing Yale publications is to convey visually a commitment to the University’s shared core values.
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