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Master of Advanced Management (M.A.M.)Program

The Yale School of Management offers a one-year program leading to the degree of Master of Advanced Management (M.A.M.). Satisfactory completion of an M.B.A or equivalent degree program is requisite for admission to the M.A.M. program. A student may also be admitted if he or she has completed the required core curriculum of their M.B.A. or equivalent degree program, provided their M.B.A.- or equivalent degree-granting school will count credit earned during the M.A.M. at Yale toward the M.B.A. or equivalent degree, thus enabling the student to earn the M.B.A. or equivalent degree prior to earning the M.A.M.

The program, established in 2012, is only open to individuals who have received an M.B.A. or equivalent degree, or are in the process of doing so as described above, from a school that is a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management (http://advancedmanagement.net). The program requires a year of full-time study in residence, during which the student completes 40 units of course work (the equivalent of ten term-long classes).

Of the 40 units of course work, 32 units are chosen from the elective offerings listed in School of Management Courses for 2014–2015 or from approved offerings in other Yale schools and departments. An additional 8 units of course work comprise a required M.A.M. core curriculum.

To learn more about the Master of Advanced Management program, visit http://som.yale.edu/mam.

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Enrollment Requirement

The M.A.M. must be completed in two consecutive terms of full-time study, unless a student receives advance permission for a leave of absence (see Leaves of Absence in the chapter General Information).

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Number of Course Units

A student must:

  • 1. Achieve credit, i.e., a grade of Pass or better, in 40 units of course work, normally earning 20 in each term. Successful completion of more than 40 units does not offset deficiency in any other degree requirement; and
  • 2. Enroll in and receive a grade in a minimum of 20 units of course work in each term. Further, each student must maintain enrollment in at least four courses during each part of the term and participate in the M.A.M. core curriculum, which is the equivalent of one course each term. Taking a course overload in any part of the term does not excuse a student from the four-course minimum in any other part of the term, nor does it allow for a student to be excused from participating in the M.A.M. core curriculum.

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Timing Requirement

To be permitted to enroll in the second term of the M.A.M. program, a student must meet all of the following requirements:

  • 1. Have achieved a grade of Proficient or higher in at least 10 units of course work; and
  • 2. Have received credit in at least 16 units of course work.

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Quality Standard

A student falls short of the Quality Standard if he/she:

  • 1. Accumulates Pass or Fail grades in 11 or more units of course work; or
  • 2. Accumulates fewer than 40 units of course work with a grade of Pass or better.

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Academic and Course Policies

M.A.M students are expected to abide by the same academic and course policies applicable to the M.B.A. (see Academic Policies and Course Policies in the chapter M.B.A. Degree Program).

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Application to the M.A.M. program is conducted electronically. For requirements and additional information, see http://som.yale.edu/mam.

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