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Student Organizations and Committees

Student Government

Student Association of Yale School of Public Health

SAYPH is organized by YSPH students for YSPH students. SAYPH works to enhance the educational experience of each student at the School by sponsoring educational and social activities, providing a forum for students’ ideas and concerns, and acting as a liaison with the administration. Through SAYPH students get involved in many areas including the following:

  • • New student orientation.
  • • Lecture series, films, colloquia, and other programs of interest to the public health community.
  • • Recruitment of new students to YSPH.
  • • Community service.
  • • Social events.
  • • Commencement activities.

SAYPH is headed by an Executive Committee consisting of a president, a social committee chair, professional development committee chair, community service chair, and communications chair. There are twelve departmental representatives; each department elects one first-year and one second-year student to act as a liaison between students and the faculty and administration. All SAYPH positions are filled by competitive election.

For more information about SAYPH, contact any member of the Executive Committee:

President—Bo Nemelka

Communications Chair—Ashton Sequeira

Social Chair—Bernice Qi

Professional Development Chair—Ffyona Patel

Community Service Chair—Sophia Zhao

Health Promotions Chair—Dylan Duchen

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University Committees

Graduate Health Advocate Program

Graduate representatives from each graduate and professional school within Yale University participate in the Graduate Health Advocate Program, which is sponsored by Yale Health’s Health Education Office/AIDS Resource & Counseling Center. The Graduate Health Advocate Program links graduate students at Yale with the resources of the Health Education Office. The program sponsors events such as AIDS Awareness Month and World AIDS Day. In addition to HIV prevention, the program addresses other health issues such as smoking and substance abuse. Programs and activities reflect student concerns and student involvement. Types of activities include conducting ongoing prevention activities, informal/educational displays in school dining halls, and fund-raising to benefit local AIDS charities.

Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS)

For information, visit http://gpss.yale.edu.

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Special Interest Groups

American College of Healthcare Executives

The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) is an association of approximately 30,000 health care executives and students. In addition to the resources offered by ACHE to Student Associates, the Yale Health Management ACHE Student Chapter provides a variety of opportunities for the professional development of students interested in a health care management career. Networking events, tours, fund-raising, and executive speakers are part of what its members organize throughout the year. Students also attend the ACHE Congress, which brings together approximately 4,000 health care professionals and students every year. Further general information is available at www.ache.org.

American Public Health Association

The Yale Chapter of the American Public Health Association connects Yale students interested in taking part in the APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition with the necessary resources, including coordination of transportation and lodging. In addition to networking events with the other national and state APHA chapters, the Yale student group helps organize Public Health Week, a campus-wide week of lectures, discussions, and community outreach. Students from all schools at Yale who are interested in getting involved with health-related events are welcome to attend.

Emerging Majority Students Association

The Emerging Majority Students Association is committed to creating and fostering a community of minority students and students interested in the promotion of diversity and inclusion at YSPH. Its threefold mission is to serve as a platform for voicing the interests and concerns of minority students at YSPH; promote a multicultural professional and academic environment that enables students to address the health issues of minorities in the field of public health with an emphasis on the New Haven community; and collaborate with admissions toward raising the level of underrepresented minority student recruitment and retention at YSPH.

HAVEN Free Clinic

The student-run HAVEN Free Clinic is a collaboration with the Yale Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health and the Yale Physician Associate program. The free clinic provides a place for uninsured adults in New Haven’s Fair Haven neighborhood to receive primary care while also obtaining wellness education and access to social services. Volunteer opportunities include research, social services, health education, and front desk work.

Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics

The Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics is a biannual publication of the Yale Law School, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and School of Public Health. The Journal strives to provide a forum for interdisciplinary discussion on topics in health policy, health law, and biomedical ethics. It targets a broad and diverse readership of academicians, professionals, and students in medicine, law, and public health, as well as policy makers and legislators in health care.

Yale HealthCORE

Each year, Yale HealthCORE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable public health initiatives in Latin America, travels during spring break and conducts a series of public health projects. During the school year group members raise money for the trip and plan the logistics of the project initiatives. Typical projects include instructing children on dental hygiene, anti-smoking, and anti-gang peer pressure; donating medical and dental supplies to the village clinic; running a series of focus groups on sexual health and practice; and helping to establish a water treatment program.

YSPH International Community (YSPH-IC)

The YSPH International Community was created in November 2012. YSPH-IC has the objectives of providing support for admitted and incoming international students; linking public health students with the wider international population at Yale; and facilitating discussions among students, scholars, and faculty regarding current global health issues. The group is built on the belief that YSPH deeply cares about creating the best academic and professional experience for all of its students, and it allows international students to give back to the School by functioning as a bridge between YSPH and their own countries and regions of origin.

YSPH Student Consulting Group

The YSPH Student Consulting Group seeks to provide high-quality consulting services to nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government entities, while providing relevant practical experience for students at the School. Client organizations and projects are identified through a call for project proposals and with the assistance of the Yale community. Groups of three to six graduate student consultants staff each project, and second-year M.P.H. students, as well as Yale faculty members, provide guidance and support and ensure quality for the final deliverables. The goal is to build strong relationships with client organizations, in which those organizations benefit from the service, skills, and knowledge that students offer, and students have opportunities to advance their education, knowledge, and experience.

Since its inception by M.P.H. students in 2010, the organization has worked on more than six projects ranging in scope and client focus. Client organizations have included the Center for Children’s Advocacy, the Connecticut Association of Directors of Health, the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the Connecticut Department of Public Health—Drinking Water Section, and the Governor of Washington.

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