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Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) Program

Aims and Assumptions

The School of Nursing’s post-master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) program is designed for midcareer nurses who wish to build upon their previous education and experience to lead organizations where decisions for health care practice, education, and policy are made. Leadership is the focus of the program. Upon successful completion of required course work, graduates will be awarded the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.

The D.N.P. program combines, in the words of our founding dean, Anne W. Goodrich, “the adventure of thought and the adventure of action” in the service of YSN’s mission: better health for all people. Combining the Yale on-campus experience with online course work, the program is tailored for nurses who already have major professional commitments.

The curriculum is a hybrid of on-campus and online education. Progression to each succeeding course is contingent upon satisfactory completion of preceding courses. Courses are offered both in monthly on-campus sessions and in short-term (three to six days) intensive periods between terms or at the beginning of the summer.

Only part-time study is available. The courses to be offered are described later in this section. The program can be completed in two years of part-time study in addition to a one-year Capstone experience.

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Admission Requirements and Application Procedures

Applicants must be registered nurses and hold a master’s degree or higher. Individual consideration will be given to applicants with an M.B.A., M.P.H., M.H.A., J.D., or other degree.

The following application materials are required:

  • 1. Online application form
  • 2. Nonrefundable application fee ($100)
  • 3. Current résumé/curriculum vitae
  • 4. Personal statement/essay
  • 5. One official transcript from each college or university attended (Note: Applicants with an international degree transcript must submit a course-by-course evaluation conducted by a credentialing agency such as World Education Services [www.wes.org] or Educational Credential Evaluators [www.ece.org]. In addition, a certified English translation must accompany all non-English transcripts.)
  • 6. Three letters of recommendation (clinical, academic, and/or professional)
  • 7. Scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the academic version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are required of all applicants for whom English is a second language. This requirement can be waived if the applicant has completed a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university in the United States or other English-speaking country.

The Graduate Record Examination is not required.

Application information is available online at https://apply.nursing.yale.edu/apply. More information about the program can be obtained by visiting http://nursing.yale.edu/admissions; writing to the Office of Admissions, Yale School of Nursing, Yale University West Campus, PO Box 27399, West Haven CT 06516-7399; or calling 203.737.1793.

The application deadline is March 1. All application materials must be received by the YSN Office of Admissions by this date. Applications submitted after March 1 will not be considered for admission in the upcoming fall term.

Applications will be reviewed only after all application materials are received. Incomplete applications are not forwarded to the Admissions Committee for consideration. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all materials are received by the Office of Admissions in a timely manner.

Students are admitted to degree programs without regard to their ability to pay. D.N.P. candidates are eligible for financial aid in the form of loans. Scholarships are not available for D.N.P. students. U.S. citizens must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. All students wishing to receive financial aid must also complete the School of Nursing Financial Aid Application, available on the School Web site. D.N.P. applicants must complete these applications by March 1, 2014. All financial information and files are kept strictly confidential.

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A Capstone experience is required of all students. A variety of options for the form the Capstone may take are available: a clinical change project; a safety/quality initiative and evaluation; a research project; a policy analysis; a policy case and analysis; a precepted, executive-level experience with a completed project delivered to the sponsor. Students will work with assigned YSN or Yale faculty to design and conduct the Capstone experience, which is projected to take one year to complete.

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The following courses, in order, constitute the D.N.P. curriculum:

  • 955, Ethical Analysis in Health Care (fall term)
  • 957, Evidence (winter intensive)
  • 963, Transformational Leadership in Professional Education (spring term)
  • 967, Theory and Application of Project Management (summer intensive)
  • 971, Health Care Policy, Politics, and Process (fall term)
  • 977, The Business of Health Care (winter intensive)
  • 981, Leadership in Systems of Care (spring term)
  • 985, Achieving Health Equity (summer intensive: part I)
  • 989, Capstone Seminar (summer intensive: part II)
  • 999, Capstone (final year)

The program will consist of 955, 957, 963, and 967 in the first year, followed by the other courses in the second year and the Capstone experience in the third year.

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