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Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library


  • Regina Kenny Marone, M.L.S., Director and Associate Yale University Librarian
  • SHM L110
  • Janene Batten, M.L.S., Nursing Reference Librarian
  • SHM L107
  • John Gallagher, M.L.S., Associate Director
  • SHM L105
  • Mark Gentry, M.L.S., Clinical Support Librarian and Coordinator, Library Technology Services and Support
  • SHM L113B
  • Jan Glover, M.L.S., Education Services and Reference Librarian
  • SHM L107
  • Melissa Grafe, M.L.S., Ph.D., Librarian for Medical History
  • SHM L118
  • Charles Greenberg, M.L.S., M.Ed., Research Services Librarian
  • SHM L15
  • Holly Grossetta Nardini, M.L.S., Coordinator of Liaison Activities
  • SHM L107
  • Denise Hersey, M.L.S., Coordinator of Liaison Activities
  • SHM L107
  • Robert Hughes, Business Manager
  • SHM L110
  • Hongbin Liu, M.L.S., Web Services Librarian
  • SHM L15
  • Melanie Norton, M.L.S., Access and Delivery Services Librarian
  • SHM L111
  • Nathan Rupp, M.L.S., Head, Collection Development and Management
  • SHM L15
  • Lynn Sette, M.L.S., Reference and Communications Librarian
  • SHM L107
  • Judy Spak, M.L.S., Curriculum Support Librarian
  • SHM L107
  • Lei Wang, M.L.S., Instructional Design Librarian
  • SHM L107
  • Susan Wheeler, Curator, Prints and Drawings
  • SHM L118
  • Public Health and GIS Librarian
  • 47 College

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, a leading research library, serves the Yale-New Haven Medical Center and the health information needs of Yale University. The library is a comprehensive resource for research, patient care, and education materials. The Medical Library is a dynamic and busy place committed to providing students with a supportive place for study and learning, and faculty and staff with seamless access to essential information resources in the library and via our Web site in offices and remotely.

The library’s Web site is the gateway to an online library of clinical reference tools, databases, evidence-based practice resources, and electronic books and journals in support of programs in medicine, nursing, public health, and the basic sciences. Our rich collection ensures access to digital collections, electronic resources, images, educational software, and a large unique collection of rare medical books, medical prints, photographs, and memorabilia.

All Yale University students have access to electronic resources including electronic books, journals, and databases from any remote computer. The Medical Library’s Web site is available formatted for mobile devices; we also provide free Yale-licensed mobile device applications such as ePocrates and UCentral. Medical Center students can also borrow laptops and recharge their electronic devices at the Circulation Desk.

Medical librarians provide individualized support for all of a student’s information needs, from searching the literature to managing references. Yale Links allows students to go from database to the full article with just a click of a button. Online tutorials are available 24/7 for quick access to instruction on using library resources. To provide the highest level of service to library users, staff provides an outreach service to each medical school department. The Library Liaison Program promotes communication between the library and the departments to ensure that the library is meeting the educational and research needs of busy clinicians and researchers. Library liaisons support collaborative activities with students and faculty to foster communication and assist in the research process.

The Medical Library offers a specially designed program to build competency in information management skills: skills that are increasingly important as a foundation for effective research and practice in health sciences. Our goal for this program is to foster lifelong information management skills by providing medical students a solid foundation throughout their four years of medical school.

During their orientation week, first-year students are introduced to the library, the Personal Librarian Program, and their “personal librarian.” Librarians become personal librarians for approximately twenty students each year and maintain contact with the same students throughout their four years in medical school. A personal librarian is able to recommend resources best suited for individual research needs, provide instruction in new technologies and resources, and guide students to specific resources as their research and learning needs change.

As the second-year students begin research for their thesis project, the library offers seminars on information management, including the use of bibliographic database management programs. At the end of the second year and just before the clinical years begin students attend a “Find it Fast” session. This session is designed to prepare students to find the answer to a clinical question efficiently and effectively.

Third- and fourth-year students participate in a variety of seminars, mostly focusing on evidence-based practice and advanced database searching techniques. Emerging trends and rapidly changing technology in academic medical curricula provide opportunities for faculty and librarians to work together using the Web and other electronic resources as teaching tools to enhance students’ educational experience at Yale.

The Library provides space for group study and meetings. Group study rooms include the Gordon Conference Room equipped with a twenty-six-inch computer monitor for small groups and a large conference room with a whiteboard and an overhead projector, both on the main floor. The Betsey Cushing Whitney Group Study Center includes three study rooms located on the lower level: a lounge area plus two smaller rooms, all with wall-mounted monitors. A conference room located in the Cushing Center is equipped with a large monitor, Internet access, and teleconferencing capabilities.

Computers are available in the Information Room and the Computer Resource Laboratory (CRL). In addition, the CRL contains a digital imaging center equipped with a flatbed scanner and software such as Adobe Creative Suite. The CRL is open 24/7.

The Historical Library contains one of the world’s finest collections of rare medical books, journals, prints, posters, and photographs, as well as current works in the history of medicine. There are 325 medical incunabula, more than 75 manuscript volumes from the twelfth through sixteenth century, and one of the best study collections of weights and measures in the world. Its holdings also include Yale medical theses to 1900, catalogues, yearbooks, photographs, and other publications and ephemera related to the Yale School of Medicine. In addition, a fine selection of photographs, posters, and other images is available in the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library Digital Library.

The Cushing Center houses a unique resource of materials collected by Dr. Harvey Cushing. A neurosurgeon and pioneer of brain surgery, Dr. Cushing was also an enthusiastic collector. The center is the home of the Harvey Cushing Brain Tumor Registry, which contains approximately 400 brain specimens, glass-plate negatives, and accompanying patient files. The space also displays his rich collection of anatomical and surgical books.

Public health information needs of the School of Public Health and Yale University are provided through the Medical Library. The virtual library connects to extensive electronic collections in public health, epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy, environmental health, international health, chronic disease epidemiology, emerging infectious diseases, and microbiology. The Public Health and GIS Librarian is based in the Medical Library.

Nursing library services are provided to Yale School of Nursing (YSN) faculty, students, and staff through the Medical Library. The Medical Library provides YSN with a rich collection of both print and electronic materials. The print collection for the School of Nursing Library is housed in the Medical Library. The Nursing Information Resources Web site gives the YSN community quick electronic access to important biomedical online resources, as well as other library electronic resources.

Sterling Memorial Library, Yale’s main library and the largest library on campus, houses more than four million volumes and serves as the center of the library system. Sixteen libraries comprise the Yale University Library system, including the Center for Science and Social Science Information, the Law Library, and the Divinity Library. EliExpress (Yale Library’s book delivery service) couriers transport library books daily among these and the other library units on campus.

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Associates of the Yale Medical Library

Gerard Burrow, M.D., Chair

Janene Batten, Secretary

Telephone: 203.785.4354

The associates were formed in 1948 to assist in augmenting the library’s services and collections. Membership information is available online at http://associates.medicine.yale.edu.

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