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The MacMillan Report

In October 2008 the MacMillan Center launched an Internet show called The MacMillan Report on its Web site at www.yale.edu/macmillanreport. The MacMillan Report is done in a one-on-one interview format and features Yale faculty in international and area studies and their research. Hosted by Marilyn Wilkes, public affairs director at the MacMillan Center, the show airs on Wednesdays at noon during the academic year. Each segment runs between 15 and 20 minutes long. The goal of The MacMillan Report is to showcase the innovative work that the Yale faculty affiliated with the MacMillan Center are doing, and to share this impressive body of research with the Yale community as well as with the rest of the world. To date, more than one hundred Yale faculty members have been interviewed and can be viewed in the archive section of the Web site.

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