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Faculty Leadership

Councils and Committee

Council on African Studies
  • Michael Cappello (Pediatrics; Microbial Pathogenesis; Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases), Chair
  • Daniel Magaziner (History), Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • David Simon (Political Science), Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate Certificate Adviser
Committee on Canadian Studies
  • Jay Gitlin (History), Chair
Council on East Asian Studies
  • Jing Tsu (East Asian Languages & Literatures; Comparative Literature), Chair
  • Frances Rosenbluth (Political Science), Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Peter Perdue (History), Director of Graduate Studies
European Studies Council
  • Francesca Trivellato (History), Chair
  • Constantine Muravnik (Slavic Languages & Literatures), Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Bruce Gordon (History; Religious Studies), Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate Certificate Adviser
Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies
  • Susan Stokes (Political Science), Chair
  • Aníbal González (Spanish & Portuguese), Director of Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Certificate Adviser
Council on Middle East Studies
  • Kishwar Rizvi (History of Art), Acting Chair and Graduate Certificate Adviser [F]
  • Jonathan Wyrtzen (Sociology), Acting Chair and Graduate Certificate Adviser [Sp]
  • Frank Griffel (Religious Studies), Chair
  • Sarab Al Ani (Near Eastern Languages & Literatures), Codirector of Undergraduate Studies
  • Narges Erami (Anthropology), Codirector of Undergraduate Studies
South Asian Studies Council
  • Karuna Mantena (Political Science), Chair
  • Tariq Thachil (Political Science), Director of Undergraduate Studies
Council on Southeast Asia Studies
  • Michael Dove (School of Forestry & Environmental Studies), Chair

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Programs and Centers

Program in Agrarian Studies
  • James C. Scott (Political Science), Codirector
  • Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan (Anthropology), Codirector
British Studies Program
  • Steven Pincus (History), Director
Conflict, Resilience, and Health Program
  • Catherine Panter-Brick (Anthropology), Director
Program on Democracy
  • Susan Stokes (Political Science), Director
European Union Studies Program
  • David Cameron (Political Science), Director
Fox International Fellowship Program
  • Benjamin Cashore (School of Forestry & Environmental Studies), Director
Genocide Studies Program
  • David Simon (Political Science), Director
Global Justice Program
  • Thomas Pogge (Philosophy), Director
Yale Center for the Study of Globalization
  • Ernesto Zedillo (Economics), Director
  • Haynie Wheeler, Associate Director
Hellenic Studies Program
  • John Geanakoplos (Economics), Codirector
  • Stathis Kalyvas (Political Science), Codirector
  • George Syrimis (European Studies), Associate Research Scholar and Program Administrator
Center for Historical Enquiry and the Social Sciences
  • Julia Adams (Sociology), Codirector
  • Steven Pincus (History), Codirector
InterAsia Initiative
  • Helen Siu (Anthropology), Codirector
  • Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan (Anthropology), Codirector
Georg Walter Leitner Program in International and Comparative Political Economy
  • Alexandre Debs (Political Science), Codirector
  • Ebonya Washington (Economics), Codirector
Program on Order, Conflict, and Violence
  • Stathis Kalyvas (Political Science), Director
Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition
  • David Blight (History; African American Studies), Director

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